1. ACobra289

    Need finishing help for gun stock.

    Hello everyone. I need some help with refinishing a gun stock. It’s a 70’s era Glenfield Model 60. Many years ago I tried to refinish it and I was never happy with how it turned out. I decided recently to try again. I have sanded it down to bare wood and now I could use some assistance on...
  2. bluedawg76

    egde joint 1/2" thick stock

    I'm planning on making some keepsake/ jewelry boxes for family for the holidays (they're coming up fast). Rough dimensions are ~5" x 7", 4-5" high using 1/2" thick stock. Digging through my scrap bin, I've got some nicely figured, but narrow 5/4 maple boards I'd like to use (~2-3" wide). My...
  3. danmart77

    Walnut rifle stock with a chair

    View image in gallery Here's a half stock 50cal rifle. The barrel is a tapered piece so the octagon is 15/16 at the breech plug and just under 7/8 at muzzle. Its a little tricky to set up the barrel channel. The mounts on this one are "iron" like most of the early hawken rifles. This rifle...
  4. CarvedTones

    Any stick carvers looking for stock?

    I have to cut down an arborvitae that has just gotten out of hand next to my house. It has several trunks that are about 3" or so in diameter and over 10' long. The wood looks like ERC; it would make really nice sticks. I am tempted to bundle it up (you want to do that to keep them straight)...
  5. mshel

    For Sale Wood turning squares, flat stock, mahogany, walnut, cherry, oak

    Had to move this from the classifieds: Cleaning house and need to move this wood out. Mahogany, walnut, cherry, oak. Lots of nice projects sitting here. Sadly, I have no place to store it so it has to go. $65.00 for the lot.
  6. C

    Source for 8/4 walnut - chair stock

    I need a few more boards for DR chairs. Been a year since I finished the table and someone that I live with here (no names given :nah:) thinks I should start making some progress. :gar-La; I probably need 3 more boards depending on width. AD would be fine so long as it is DRY. Chuck
  7. mkepke

    How do you drum-sand thin stock ?

    I'm looking for tips on drum-sanding thin stock. I was drumsanding 2" x 18" strips of cherry down to 1/16" on my Woodmaster 38" sander and tearing I think the wood was flexing as it went through the machine and catching the edge of the sandpaper wrap. Once the paper starts to...
  8. S

    Delta 4-speed, 3-roller Stock Feed Model# 36-850 - $375 (Carthage)

    Not Mine Delta 4-speed, 3-roller Stock Feed Model# 36-850 - $375 (Carthage) Date: 2011-01-28, 5:57PM EST Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] This is a Delta 4-speed, 3-roller stock feed that...
  9. gun stock

    gun stock

    gun stock
  10. gun stock

    gun stock

    gun stock
  11. gun stock

    gun stock

    gun stock
  12. eyekode

    Stock for a totem pole?

    I am in the Y-Guides program with my kids. Second year tribes make a totem pole. As the only dad in the group with much in the way of tools I am leading up the charge :). We have ~12 members in our tribe. Each of us will get a segment to take home and decorate. I was thinking 8" wide by ~6"...
  13. U

    Hardboard sheet stock need cuts

    I have Hardboard Sheet Stock is a masonite substrate each sheet is 18.5" x 15.5" x .125" I need 5 inch circles cut out and inside each circle I need holes for switchplates cut out.. Single toggle and duplex outlet plates. I am not sure what kind of machine needed to cut this.. but it looks...
  14. CatButler

    Box making and stock size

    I want to start making storage boxes to practice making dovetails. I'm taking about smallish boxes with no side being longer than say 10". 3/4" looks to thick, 1/2 I think would be about right. Is there any good rule of thumb on the right thickness of stock to use for the size of the box?
  15. Tom Dunn

    Stock shaping tools

    I need to purchase a few tools to take a gunstock blank, like the one below, and shape into an American Longrifle stock. The barrel channel will be roughed in, and the ramrod hole drilled, by the stock seller, but thats all. I'm looking for opinions/suggestions on which tools to buy for...
  16. llucas

    insects in turning stock

    hey guys, I am totally new to woodturning and to this site and am in need of advice on found wood storage to keep out the bugs...I have scored some plum (taken from a local backyard) some pecan (HUGE trunk pieces, maybe 2000lbs total), and some other hardwoods. I have anchorsealed the endgrains...
  17. Mt. Gomer

    Stock Size for Picnic Table

    I'm planning on building the Trestle Picnic Table from Plans Now for the wife this summer. I was looking for something with moveable benches that was scaled down a bit for our smaller deck (this is 34x72). This fit the bill and my wife likes the look so I think we're a go. I'll be using...
  18. Nortumbrian small-pipes mainstock

    Nortumbrian small-pipes mainstock

    stock is hollow and supports 3 drones.
  19. Ken Massingale

    Turning And Smoking Stock

    Cherry and Maple for turning the smoker, Sweetgum for turning and burning. If any turners are in the area give me a yell. I have some big Maple crotches too big for me to turn, and more smaller crotches of all 3 trees available for the taking. There's more than I can ever use.
  20. Tom Dunn

    Stock repair

    Sometime back I posted a thread called "Strong wood filler" in reference to a shotgun stock that had a hunk out of the butstock where it meets the reciever. In the end, I took Mike's advice and...

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