1. Timmy

    Cedar sewing box

    This is a cedar sewing box I've been working on. Hand cut dovetails. Steam bent handle. Slide in lid. Overall size is 9"x11"x5". For more pictures of the build click here.
  2. charlessenf

    Steam My Log(s)?

    The sawyer was here the other day to size up my Walnut logs. Offered me $200 for the three large ones - he calculated 400 bf. While we were talking, he said that, to really get the primo walnut, I would need to take the logs to have them steamed to bring the dark color out into the (much...
  3. J

    French steam powered submarine Narval, 1889 in 1:100

    My current project is a model of the French submarine Narval. First I drew it up three dimensionally in AutoCAD: Then I printed out templates for the stations and profile, glued them to 1/8" aircraft ply, and cut them out with a coping saw. I glued them up together and started planking...
  4. Rhythm House Drums

    Steam Bending

    Thinking about trying my hand at steam bending for a few drums. I see these wall paper steamers being advertised as a good source if I build my own box. Anyone tried this route? I'm concerned that they wouldn't produce enough steam. I really dont want to get into a burner and tank of...
  5. S

    A 'must see'...Hull Oakes, oldest steam sawmill

    I found this on another forum and took used it as is. This is an awsome!! Hull-Oakes Lumber is the last steam-powered commerical saw mill in the country, and they're one of the few mills capable of cutting large timbers up to 85' long. The mill...
  6. 02blues

    Steam Bending question

    Making some walnut canes. Instead of using a brass handle like the photo I was thinking about steam bending one. How does (dry) Walnut bend? View image in gallery Thanks!
  7. Bas

    If Phil and Scott Smith got together to do some steam bending.... Steam bending doesn't start until 8:30, but it's a cool video to watch in its entirety.
  8. froglips

    Klingspor Show - Steam Bending help!!!

    To help Phil with his steam bending magic, have a few items we could use. 1. Safety Glasses 2. Leather Gloves 3. Some straight walking stick blanks that we can bend, about 1" dia and just partially dry would be perfect. I'm heading to the show shortly, so no need to reply to me. Contact...
  9. 5_steam


    dumpster diving steam box
  10. 2_steam


    dumpster diving steam box
  11. 4_steam


    dumpster diving steam box
  12. 3_steam


    dumpster diving steam box
  13. 1_steam


    dumpster diving steam box
  14. R

    Adventures in steam bending

    Been attempting to build a contemporary style Windsor office chair. Started bending the pieces for the back today. I spent most of Sunday afternoon figuring out how to make my form. Glued and screwed 2 pieces of particle board together for the form. Made a pattern for the curve of the chair...
  15. 02blues

    Steam Box design for springy lathe #2 for bed posts!

    Hi Guys: To make the 7foot poster bed I needed a bigger lathe... to make this lathe I need a steam box..go figure... Looking around for a steam box design. I saw Mike Dunbars PVC method and was ready to go but started to wonder what leaches out of PVC at 212F as it softens. I have read CPVC...
  16. Jerome B

    questions about steam and kiln drying wood

    Okay I am a little confused about how steam is involved in the kiln drying of wood. I am doing research on a cabinet shop that was active in the late 1840's. I know that they were kiln drying wood. Does this mean that they needed a source of large volumes of steam, perhaps a steam engine...
  17. R

    $12.59 Steam Box

    I'm repairing an old ice bucket that is held together with hickory hoops. I have make one of the missing hoops. I needed a steam box so I scrounged around the shop and found some pipe I had left over. Had to buy a cap and a clean out plug to fit it, thus the $12.59. Found an old pressure cooker...
  18. K

    steam shower

    Anyone have any experience with a steam shower? It appears to me 220 volt service would be a must. Other than that I have not really found much info. LOML has always wanted a hot tub but to me the steam shower appears to be a better choice.
  19. N

    Steam dried or Kiln dried

    What is the differance in steam dried and kiln dried wood. Can the both be used in the same project with good results.
  20. J

    Use my steam box

    For the curved benches at the YMCA, I had to build a steam box. It is currently being stored. If someone needs the use of a steam box, they are welcome to use mine, rather than building their own. It will hold a piece of wood about 6" wide X 84" long. You will need a propane burner to operate it...

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