1. gordonmt

    My spring project

    It was finally time for our kitchen project to begin. I had a dream of making all the cabinets myself but time and talent ran out and we opted to purchase some Thomasville cabinets. The project started with a tear out of the old floor. I put this floor in twenty years ago and it was not going...
  2. froglips

    Promote Spring Picnic

    Please update the Upcoming Events and Site Calendar with the Spring Picnic Announcement. Also made announcement thread Sticky.
  3. Mike Davis

    Spring Cookout

    Spring is on the way and hopefully we have all survived this harsh winter. I'd like to invite the members to my place in the country for BBQ and talk of woodworking, maybe even some demonstrations and/or instruction. First my driveway has to dry enough to let the bulldozers and gravel...
  4. M

    Spring Raffle Update

    Here is an update on progress toward prizes for the Spring Raffle: In the past 10-12 days, letters or emails have gone to the following: Lee Valley Tools Lie-Nielsen Toolworks Grizzly Industrial in Muncy, PA Leigh Tools Stanley Toolworks Kreg Tools ClearVue Cyclones Packard Woodworks (turning...
  5. R

    Woodcraft Spring Sale

    Is on 2/26-2/27...anybody been to this sale and how good is it? (ie should I get the 30% off bandsaw accessories now or wait to next W/E?)
  6. M

    Spring Raffle Ideas

    Hi everyone! We are beginning to think about our next North Carolina Woodworker Raffle and we want to get some input from our members on prizes that we should look for. For the benefit of our newer members, we hold two Raffles each year and have had 7-10 prizes in each, with tickets at $5...
  7. Mt. Gomer

    PE Needed: Willow Spring to Durham

    Woooo Hooo! My first PE request (which or course means potential upcoming gloat! :eusa_danc). MarkE has graciously offered to allow me to take a fine shop storage cabinet off his hands :eusa_clap (provided it can be done soon). He's in Willow Springs, I'm in Durham. The cabinet is is 51"...
  8. Mike Davis

    Are you making plans for Spring?

    I was planning to take a class, my first ever. But work is going to keep me tied up for several months. So, I will probably try to reorganize my shop, thin out some never used tools (not used by me), finish some long lingering projects and try to visit more of my friends. Will try to make...
  9. MarkE

    New guy from Willow Spring

    Hello all. We recently moved to Willow Spring from the frozen north country, New Hampshire. I am still in the process of getting my shop set up in the garage. What a lot of work that is. My basement shop up north was built up over about ten years, adding more space and more tools as I went...
  10. ScottM

    Spring raffle

    Starting this thread as a reminder for us. The spring raffle should include at least one prize for the wood turners (ie oneway chuck, turning blanks, turning tools)
  11. 02blues

    spring pole lathe bedpost update

    Hello Turners... Thought I would give an update. This is a bit painful as a novice turner but its starting to look like a bedpost. No worries. I am paid by the year.:icon_thum View image in gallery View image in gallery
  12. 02blues

    bedpost spring pole lathe update photo

    Not perfect but starting to look like a bedpost! Im being paid by the year. Decided to remove the long tool rest. Too much movement. Wouldn't hurt any if I actually knew how to turn...Arg! :eusa_doh: View image in gallery View image in gallery
  13. spring pole bed post 2

    spring pole bed post 2

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