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  1. merrill77

    Source for 6" S&D PVC in Triangle?

    I am doing some research on implementing a _real_ dust collection system in my shop. At the moment, I'm trying to design a reasonable duct routing design in my basement shop. So I need to find a local source for 6" S&D (sewer and drain) PVC (2729, not schedule 40). Beyond just buying some pipe...
  2. GeorgeL

    Source for 6" PVC (ASTM 2729) - Again

    Does anyone know of a source in the Triangle area that carries 6" thin wall S&D PVC pipe? (ASTM 2729) I have seen ASTM 3035 at Lowes but at $33/10' that is more expensive than SCH 40. I've talked to the special order desk at both Lowes and Home Depot but they don't have a clue. It seems that I...
  3. GeorgeL

    Source for 6" S&D PCV Pipe for DC ?

    I am in the process of setting up the ducting system for my dust collector and I having a bit of trouble locating 6" S&D PVC pipe in the Fuquay area. Anyone know of a plumbing or pipe supplier that carries 6" S&D? Thanks, George
  4. Steve D

    Source for 6" pipe?

    I am looking to upgrade the main run for my DC from 4" to 6". Any suggestions for sources on pipe & fittings? Thanks, Steve

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