1. rifle_breakdown_18_


    Early 19th century rebuild/restore piece
  2. Miter_004


    Mdf and Pegboard panels for Miter Saw
  3. Miter_0031


    Mdf and Pegboard panels for Miter Saw
  4. Miter_0021


    Mdf and Pegboard panels for Miter Saw
  5. Miter_0011


    Mdf and Pegboard panels for Miter Saw
  6. IMG_3690


  7. IMG_36881


  8. IMG_36871


  9. IMG_3686


  10. IMG_3685


  11. kooshball

    Appropriate secondary wood for use as drawer sides on a walnut chest of drawers?

    I am in the final planning stages of my next project, a low, wide walnut chest of drawers to go with with the walnut bed I finished this summer. The Carcass top and bottom will be out of ply and the sides out of walnut as well as the finished top. Drawer fronts will be walnut with half blind...
  12. oldhippie1951

    Router Table - Laminate Both Sides

    I'm making a router table extension on my table saw. When looking at plans, many say laminate on both sides. Why?:dontknow:
  13. kooshball

    What size rabbet is sufficient for the sides of my bed??

    I am working on the side rails for my walnut bed and would like some advice on the best way to glue up this part of the project. I have attached a very crude sketch of the side rail to show my plan (based on the fact that I already have two very nice 6" wide boards planed down to 3/4"...
  14. Truefire

    100+ pairs of cabinet drawer slides (both left and right sides paired)

    Hey guys i have over 100 pairs of 18" cabinet drawer slides for both the left and right sides of the drawers. Each pair is stamped left or right and they contain a rider wheel containing wheel bearings to ease drawer sliding ins and outs. $1.00 pair so that's $2.00 per drawer set (left and...
  15. ErnieM

    Harpsichord Project Part 6 - Case Sides

    Hi all, It’s been 10 days since we started the Harpsichord Project (it seems longer than that to me and probably to you too). I’m trying to keep my posts current with the work so that my mind is still able to remember what I do well enough to attempt to describe it (no guarantees here, for...
  16. jonnyfontaine

    any luthiers out there w/ exp. bending sides

    hi... i'm planning on building my first semi-hollow body guitar (i.e. 335) and so far i'm planning on using quilted maple for the top, back, and sides... i understand that this is a very difficult wood to bend, and the shape has some pretty sharp bends in it, i am wondering if any you guys out...
  17. DaveO

    Finishing both sides????

    A comment in another thread made me think of this article I read. It raises some interesting points. Good topic for discussion :-D:-D Bob Flexner on finishing myths - Dave:-)
  18. DaveO

    Jewelry box sides thickness ????

    OK, I would like opinions and advice. I am planning to work on a jewelry box over the long weekend. In my penny-wise , pound foolish normal mode of operations, I am not using a plan, just a picture. This is the box style that I am shooting for. The thickness of the sides...3/4", 5/8" or...

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