1. nelsone

    VERITAS Shelf Drilling Jig

    Does anyone have the VERITAS Shelf Drilling Jig? If so, what is your opinion of the jig? Is it worth $180? I am working on my 3rd built in unit and imagine I'll get additional requests, so if it is a good jig I'd think I'll have a need for it in the future. Thanks!
  2. rick7938

    Rail and Stile Shelf Set

    My son and daughter-in-law have placed their annual Christmas gift request. It is for a set of three shelf units that are composed only of rail and stile construction with solid shelves. There are 4 shelves per unit. The rails and stiles appear in the picture to be about 1 1/2-in square and 60"...
  3. C

    Ideas for Shelf and Drawer Support

    I have completed the lower carcass/frame for my gun cabinet project and pics are attached. The upper cab will be built IF I ever get this finished. Please use your imagination, I don't have a rendering program to sketch my ideas. The first pic shows the clamped assy - NO glue yet. I'm...
  4. A

    Glue shelf life

    I use Titebond I & III glues for most of my projects. I read somewhere that there was a shelf life of approximately one year. Is the shelf life computed from the time you open the bottle or does the manufacturer assign a shelf life date. I usually do not have glue in my shop that is older...
  5. F

    New Shelf

    Today I got up early and finished sanding and staining my dvd shelf. Leigh has been complaining that we cant fit a dvd player ontop of the dresser, since the tv is almost as wide as the dresser. I am going to Home Depot tomorrow. A planer would have made this project so much easier....(no not...
  6. shelf 2

    shelf 2

    supports fairly heavy velvet drapes as well
  7. shelf 1

    shelf 1

    Resawn 2X6 framing lumber
  8. P Crews

    Karate belt shelf

    Finally, I have finished the shelves to hold my boys' Karate stuff. Trophies go on top, the diffenent color belts go in the slots in the middle, and the uniform is hung on the pegs. The boys got tired of their loft beds and got foutons to sleep on so I recycled the wood from the loft beds into...
  9. sapwood

    Shelf Pin drilling

    I had no problem setting up jig (pegboard) to space holes for shelf pins. However, I did have problem with controlling hole depth. I used these stop collars. Woodworker Supply cheapos However, in my experience there are worth less than the $2.99 selling price :crybaby2:Sizes aren't marked on...
  10. gator

    Hanging A Wall hung Corner Shelf?

    How do you hang a wall hung corner shelf. I don't want to use the two loops, one on the top of each side, but want something hidden. I want the shelf to be flush to the walls on either side, something like when you use a keyhole bit. With a keyhole bit, one side goes over the screw head but...
  11. Craftsman Shelf

    Craftsman Shelf

    Shelf built for my nephew born in '03
  12. Wall shelf

    Wall shelf

    Shelf built for my niece born Feb. 05'

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