1. J

    Recommendations for Milling near RTP/Durham

    Hello, My neighbor and I have 3 great looking urban red maple logs between 13" and 25" in diameter. They have some spalting so we would like to have them milled and kiln dried. Can anyone recommend or offer services for milling these logs and kiln drying them near the Research Triangle...
  2. Randall Kepley

    CNC services in or near Charlotte or Concord

    Hey guys, Ive got some possible speaker designs in the works and if things turn out like I would like them to I will be out of the realm of "One at a timeing it" but anyway I live in Concord so someone fairly close would be great. Thanks, R.K.
  3. N

    CNC Router Services?

    Does anyone know of any companies offering CNC services in the Matthews/Charlotte area capable of manufacturing custom pistol grips? I'm having an entrepreneurial moment!
  4. dlrion

    Tool Protective Services

    Had to take a drive up to Virginia, and put in some elbow grease. But I got a type 1 for $230 I think that there should be someone who finds old misused tools and takes them away from people like the guy I got this saw from. They could give the saw's to "Foster Shops" to be cared for and...
  5. JohnW

    Arthritis Services Auction

    Arthritis Services in Charlotte has an annual fund raiser where they auction off donated services & gifts. My shop is "closed for renovation" but I have a few "stock items" to donate. Items like boxes, bowls and pens tend to do well. If anyone would like to donate an item for the auction...
  6. TracyP

    Funeral Services For My Mother

    The funeral services for my Mother, Mary Pardue are as follows: Visitation will be held on Friday December 4th from 6:00 PM until 8:00 Pm Funeral Service will be at 11:00 Am on Saturday December 5th. These services will both be held at the funeral home. Davidson Funeral Home 301 North Main...
  7. K

    Resaw services

    I hope I am in the right forum. I am looking for someone in the Carolina's, Virginia area that does resawing for the trade. I have a collection of wood for making acoustic guitars and need to have it resawn into backs and sides. I have more than I can ever use and want to start selling some...
  8. A

    Childcare Services - A bit off topic

    I have a friend who's wife watches kids in their home in the Huntersville area. She had their 2nd (6) months ago and hasn't been able to find some kids to watch since then. They are struggling to make ends meet and I thought I'd post this here to see if anyone might need someone to watch...
  9. B

    wide belt sanding services

    Does anybody rent time on their wide belt sander or run stuff through for a fee? I posted an ad in the "services wanted" section of the classifieds.
  10. willarda

    Local kiln services needed

    I have some quartersawn beech (4" X 4" by 60"), about 100 billets, which I intend to use as planemaking blanks. The wood was bandsawn about 6 weeks ago, stacked (about 50% open spacing) and covered. I have been monitoring the drying process (the stack is set up so that I can pull out a billet...

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