1. K

    Seek: shop to fab wagon parts

    I'm looking for a shop or individual that can help fabricate parts for an antique wagon restoration.. Any leads would be most welcome. Mark in Kernersville NC
  2. U

    Seek: shop to fab wagon parts

    I have an antique wagon I am restoring and am looking for a shop or someone that could replicate parts that need to be replaced.. Any leads or help would be most welcome Mark in Kernersville
  3. B

    Seek Someone to Build TV Console/Stand

    Hi All, Below is a design I have in mind for a cabinet I'd like to have built for my plasma tv. I'm seeking someone in the RTP area who can build me something close to my designs, but that can also finish the piece similar to the black TV cabinet pictured below (built from Cherry and...
  4. flywelder

    I Seek your ideas for a fire wood rack design

    I need to build a sturdy free standing fire wood rack. I need to get my wood off the ground and organized/cleaned up. flywelder

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