1. CLetts

    Sealing Log Ends

    If I want to seal the ends of a log, do I need to buy the wax or will latex paint work?:dontknow:
  2. ChrisMathes

    Sealing workshop from rest of house

    Hey All, I've been out of the workshop for a while because we had our house for sale, sold it and have moved into a rental. We are in the process of building a new workshop with a home attached. My new shop will still be relatively small, but overall, give me more area than my shed. The...
  3. cistiene chappel sealing

    cistiene chappel sealing

    Pattern by Charles Deering I think.
  4. F

    sealing with sprayed shellac

    This is the first time I've worked with shellac, and I'm spraying it over an transtint dye that was followed with an application of wet-sanded danish oil to pop the grain and fill the pores. I let the danish oil cure for three days prior to spraying the shellac. I'll be following the shellac...
  5. L

    sealing turning blocks

    My son in law has some Pecan that he is cutting up for firewood. Some of the pieces are big enough I figured I could get some turning blanks out of it. After I saw it into blocks Do I seal it on all sides or just the end grain? And what product is best for sealing? Thanks, Jeff
  6. Mark Stewart

    sealing a green turned piece.

    If I turn green wood to finished size what should I seal it with on the inside and outside? I plan to turn some and let them dry slow but I will also turn some "ART" as daveo is fond of saying. Thanks Mark
  7. Canuck

    Sealing a Tree Root?

    I have a neighbor that has a large Pin Oak close to his driveway and the roots have started to cause a good sized heave in the concrete driveway.:tinysmile_cry_t: He is thinking of having the driveway resurfaced which means cutting a couple of the sprays of root (about 3-5" in diameter). If...
  8. S

    Sealing green wood

    My neighbor and I cut some trees today and some of them were good size Wild Cherry. I'm out of Anchor Seal and will not be able to get any for a few day. What can use instead, something I can get at Lowe's?:-?
  9. sapwood

    Sealing western cedar

    I want to seal or fill the cracks/knots in some western cedar. Looking "rustic" is ok, but deterioration isn't. Size varies from 9" wide x 1/2" thick to 7" wide x 1" think. The finish will probably be BLO/Shellac/Danish Oil or some combination of those. Looky here: And here: TIA :-) Roger
  10. J

    Sealing Door Edges

    I need to seal the edges of a cheap wood/masonite bifold door that will be painted on both front and back with oil-based paint. I am thinking about using a couple of coats of polyurethane. Does this work or is there a better techniques?
  11. DaveO

    Shop sealing???

    Not to steal KC7CN's thread on concrete crack repair, but inspired by it to bring up an issue that I have, I start this new one. I have had enough, every time we get a significant rain, like we have been having today in the Triangle (non-stop from just before daylight to present) I get water in...

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