1. Cayo Chair

    Cayo Chair

    While on vacation in Belize I noticed these beach chairs everywhere and wanted to try my hand at one. No plans, just photos to go from complicated the process but the finished product came out just fine. They look uncomfortable but the look is deceiving.
  2. R

    Scratch and Dent Sale?

    Went surfing the other nite and found this site { }. Just wondering if anyone here has ever delt with them? They have the Jet mini for $170 :eek::eek:. Just wanted to know if it would be wroth the trouble:dontknow:. If it is I'm going to try and order it.
  3. nelsone

    Scratch Stock Question

    Does anyone use a scratch stock for beading? I would like to add a bead to the hall table I'm working on and need to make a scratch stock that will handle curved pieces. I'm mostly concerned with the holder. If you have one, will you post a picture of it so I can see how to make one?
  4. J

    Poole and Williams Windsor Scratch Beader

    Here is a picture of a recent project. It is a Poole and Williams scratch beader. I got it without the blade of course. Made one along with a few blanks. It looks a little happier now.
  5. ashley_phil

    Scratch & Dent Sale Redmond Machinery - Atlanta GA

    I didn't go all the way through this but did see in the email a 8" DELTA Jointer for $ 800 that's a buy!,133.html

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