1. Scroll saw Sconce

    Scroll saw Sconce

    "Arts and Crafty" type Sconce Birch Plywood Poly Finish (qiuck and easy prokect)
  2. C

    Candle Sconce Problems...Flush Trim Tearout

    After making three bedrooms of heirloom furniture with straight lines I have entered the world of curves. And found an amazing knack for demonstrating my incompetence at every turn! :lol: Well, I have screwed up 2 of the 4 sides for my candle sconces...
  3. C

    Cherry Candle Sconce

    LOML saw this in a Google search (sometimes I wish I could keep her away from Google or apply a filter that prevents her from looking for work for me!).... I'm making a pair of those and will also build a mirror (flat frames, M&T) in cherry to go between...

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