1. S

    cross-cut or rip ?

    Hi everybody, I'm working on a hall table project and want to give a slight angle to the table's legs (like 3-4 degrees), I'm thinking I should use my ripping blade for best results, but I'd like to hear from everybody else who might have done this in the past... My current pieces for the legs...
  2. J

    Mule Accusquare Rip Fence

    If anyone recalls the Model 890 bandsaw I was donated, I have since also been donated a "needs TLC" Craftsman 10" tablesaw. (two month:banana:). Among the several items it was lacking was a usable fence. Without covering the why part, I chose the Mule Accusquare Rip Fence M1040...
  3. Larry Rose

    Sander R.I.P.

    My PC 5" RO sander is on its last legs and will probably not finish out my current project. This is the second one I've had and I'm a little disapointed in the life of them. I was wondering what every one else likes because I've got to replace it quickly. Any thoughts?
  4. K

    Freud glue line rip blade

    A few months ago I bought this blade and said in a post I was not real sure about it. I said I would follow up after using it until I was sure about its performance. The more I have used the blade the better it has performed. Or could it be I have become more proficient in using the blade, ya...
  5. K

    Freud glue line rip blade comments & questions

    Wanted to try this blade for a couple of reasons. First, the panel I am gluing is fairly large (long) and I thought it would be easier to do on the TS. Second, I am taking chunks out, even with new blades in the jointer and taking only a fuzz off each pass. I would call my results mixed. Some...
  6. K

    Freud glue line rip blade

    I can remember when I bought my Uni in the mid 90's reading about how important it was to set the height of the blade just right. I soon forgot everything I had read. I now go by the rule "the less the blade shows above the wood the less there is to cut me". I just orderd the Freud glue line...
  7. Jon

    Forrest WWII and Freud Glue line rip

    I recently was able to buy a Forrest WW 30 tooth ripping blade and a 30 tooth Freud blade. I ran 12 feet of Mahogany on both. The Mahogany was 2x8 and I ripped it all down to 1.75 wide. I then Ran some Hard Maple and it was about the same as the Mahogany as far as width and thickness. I couldn't...
  8. RandyJ

    Anyone have a jig for narrow repetitive rip cuts?

    Hello braintrust, I have a need to cut a bunch of 1/4" thick strips approx. 25" long from 11/16" stock. I'm trying to figure out the easiest way to keep the thickness consistent. I remember seeing a homemade tablesaw jig somewhere, which would help in moving the fence exactly the same distance...
  9. Arguseyed

    Contractor's saw rip 8/4 stock?

    A rookie needs some guidance here. I'm building an outfeed table for my contractor's saw and need to make some 1.5" square legs. Will my Delta contractor's saw rip 8/4 birch stock? Since I now have a jointer and a planer, I refuse to go to the BORG and buy poplar or red oak! I've got some extra...
  10. hpetty

    Free Rip Fence

    Delta shipped me a rip fence for their 10" band saw (Delta Part # 28-196) that I didn't order. They told me just to keep it, but I have absolutely no use for it. I would be glad to give it to anyone that could put it to good use. Preferably someone in the Charlotte area so I don't have to deal...
  11. Table saw

    Table saw

    Another shot of the Jet contractor saw. I replaced the steel wings with a cast iron RT from Harbor Freight and a Mule table on the right. The latter holds my Hitachi M12v. I keep a roundover bit in my 1976 Craftsman router on the left. The fence is from Vega. It is wonderful. Often on it...

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