1. J

    Raleigh Habitat Reuse Store Deals

    Today, I was in the Raleigh Habitat Reuse store, and saw the following: Work station tops, 32" X 72", 1 1/4" thick melamine coated $20,) and folding tables $15 - $25. Tables are in POOR condition, but leg sets are the heavier ones, and in good condition. Leg sets make a great base for break down...
  2. Matt Schnurbusch

    $25 Laminate at Habitat reuse in Raleigh

    I was in Habitat today and they have a bunch of laminate sheets in there for $25.00 each. They appear to be 4'x8' (a couple maybe 5'x8') but I have not unrolled the sheet that I bought today. Not many great patterns in there, but for $25 it's hard to beat for shop stuff. Several of the rolls...
  3. sapwood

    Sears 12" RAS at Durham Habitat Reuse Store

    Durham Habitat Reuse Store on Shannon Drive has 12" Sears radial arm saw for $25. And if you stop by before 5pm today it's 20% off :icon_thum Hey, that's pretty cheap :gar-Bi Roger
  4. R

    More Stuff at the ReUse Center

    Hot off the presses... Here's the list of stuff from the latest version of the sale e-flyer from the Habitat for Humanity ReUse Center in Raleigh. You can get additional information about the store as well as directions to it from their webiste Chrome Flat...
  5. chris99z71

    Maple at Wake Co Habitat Reuse center

    I was at the habitat reuse center in Raleigh and they've got hardwood flooring from a gymnasium. It's in 5'x5' panels attached to some dimensional lumber underneath. I believe it was maple with the individual pieces 1" thick by 2" wide T&G. The sign said that they had large quantities. $2/sqft

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