1. Mark Gottesman

    Simple project: High fun return

    For the last few years I have made and hung nesting blocks for solitary cavity nesting bees. This nesting is geared towards Blue Orchard bees. They are only active in the spring for about 6 weeks, but I get a lot of enjoyment watching their progress. It allows me to somewhat satisfy my urge to...
  2. eyekode

    Replace drill press return spring (and depth stop)?

    Through an act of stupidity I broke the return spring on my newly acquired PM 1150A. If you must know it did not come with the depth stop and the first time I touched the thing I lowered the spindle (much) too far. Anyway I opened it up today to take a look. The tab that goes through the rod...
  3. NCTurner

    Return to turning

    Well after a 7 month hiatus, from turning, I have gotten back into the shop some. Here are two recent pieces. C_&C Encouraged. Maple, pretty plain and I found a small crack as I turned, but with limited time I figured I would turn it anyway. Took the opportunity to focus on technique, and...
  4. Tarhead

    Free Shipping at Lee Valley and Corneal Excision Tweezers Return

    Like it says, Free shipping until 9/27 and these tweezers are back after being gone for a while:,43456,43464 They're great for excising splinters and pieces of metal below the skin surface. Much better than anything else I've ever used.
  5. R

    His return might be ineresting

    Looks like some of the regulars have missed our Jeff I'd hate to think he'll get the wrong kind of encouragement when he returns :nah:
  6. erasmussen

    Return of the jedi

    Well how about "return to the flat side" Just something simple What do y'all think?
  7. C

    Picnic, wood to return to Sanford Sawmill

    I bought a very thick slab of AD walnut from Mark Patterson sawmill in Sanford a few months ago. When I opened it up and resawed down to 8/4 thickness I discovered the wood was cherry. :eek: I would like to get a refund and they have asked me to return the stock. I have been trying to...
  8. froglips

    Return of the Lips de' Frog

    Hello everyone. I've been off the list for a while. I lost my job last year. Had a long term relationship end. Yes, I was living a country and/or western song. Luckily, my dog is fine and I don't have a horse. I want to apologize to Steve for not living up to my commitment to be a...
  9. Shamrock

    Return of Roubo.....Holes-Holes-and more Holes

    Hey Folks-it's been awhile so a quick summary of where we were. All the pieces, including the top, had been laminated together and the top was flattened at Woodguy1975's shop using his fabulous belt sander. Now I knew this might sit awhile so I left the legs and stretchers a little "over" their...
  10. cranbrook2

    Extreme Birdhouse return

    Hi everyone and Happy New Years . I just wanted to say that i will be returning here a lot more often soon . I have had lots of medical problems over the past year and i am beginning to feel much better . The other thing is i am finally getting high speed in my area so no more slow Internet for...

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