1. BKHam

    homemade plywood

    first pic is just showing off the miter and top that is rabbetted in. the box sides were resawn 4/4 down to 5/16 and you can see the bookmatch wrap grain. i've done a few of these and i used to miter the top of the sides and all four sides of the top. i didnt worry too much about movement on...
  2. Log to marking gauge

    Log to marking gauge

    A brief progression of a red oak log turned into a marking gauge. Manual sawing of a small 3"x3"x18" block rough hewn by hatchet from a pretty well bug infested log. Tough work, but I\'m surprised it went as smoothly as it did after learning to sharpen and wax the saw.
  3. Maple_-_First_cut


  4. jlwest

    Resaw help

    I have some really nice cherry that I would like to get resawed. It is 20 years old and from the same tree. Most of the boards (13 total) are 8" to 12" wide and 8' long surfaced on both sides and pretty straight. They are all 1.5" thick so ideally if split down the middle the resulting boards...
  5. Resaw Fence

    Resaw Fence

  6. Gotcha6

    Bandsaw resaw fence

    Seeing Bruce's thread about making the jig to flatten his blade screw reminded me of what I've been doing this week. And yes, Scott is right. A jig needn't be expensive to work. I had to do some re-saw of 8" & 12" ash on short pieces. To further complicate things, the re-saw had to be tapered...
  7. Resaw fence based on Kreg bandsaw fence

    Resaw fence based on Kreg bandsaw fence

  8. CDPeters

    Question: Resaw fences

    I am curious to know what you think about the 2 prevalent fence styles used for resawing on the bandsaw, the full fence vs. the single contact point "guide". Which do you use / prefer? Why? My thoughts are that the full fence, carefully set up and corrected for any drift, would produce better...
  9. PChristy

    Need of resaw

    Anyone close to the Lexington area that can do some 6-8" wide resaw work - I need some 3/8-7/16 thick and I would hate to lose alot of it plus the time on the planer
  10. P

    Resaw Fence

    Having just purchased a new band saw and after reading "Copy of Bill Clemons bandsaw fence" by eyekode, I built my own fence. I basically replicated eyekode's rails and table extension. Here is my table, hickory rails with a red oak table extension. Since I regularly wax my cast iron table...
  11. Bandsaw table with rails

    Bandsaw table with rails

    I made the rails out of hickory and the table top extension is red oak.
  12. Front of bandsaw fence

    Front of bandsaw fence

    Notice the small board in the center. By sliding this guy up and down, I can resaw any height up to 12".
  13. Back of bandsaw resaw fence (right side)

    Back of bandsaw resaw fence (right side)

    After sliding bed to appropriate depth, this knob locks the right side of the sled.
  14. Back of bandsaw resaw fence (left side)

    Back of bandsaw resaw fence (left side)

    Back of fence. 2 knobs on right side (vertical) permit sliding fence to desired thickness. 2 knobs on right (horizontal) used to adjust blade drift. 2 knobs in middle raise and lower section under blade guides to height of board being cut. Note: The drift knobs are now painted red to remind...
  15. merrill77

    Any reason _not_ to use a resaw blade?

    I took advantage of the Laguna deal that was posted here (thanks, BTW!) to get a 1" carbide resaw blade for my bandsaw. I've got a few Timberwolf 5/8" steel blades. As I hoped / expected, the resaw blade cuts like the proverbial hot knife in butter. In addition, it leaves a much smoother surface...
  16. R

    Resaw options ?

    Hi guys, I'm new to the forum and NC , I need to resaw Blach Walnut 2 3/8 x10" x6' to 1 3/4-1 7/8 in thickness I doing really want to plane all that material to saw dust I have@ 7 boards whats my best options ?? Thanks for your help Larry
  17. DaveO

    A little re-saw help, please. Got-r-done

    In the Raleigh area:eusa_pray. I started working on the hall bench/shoe storage system for my wife. I got all my stock jointed and planed. I am working with Ash, that I got at the spring picnic. It's quite thick stock (1 3/8"+ in the rough), so not wanting to plane it all down to 3/4" and waste...
  18. R

    laguna bandsaw blade offer -Resaw King

    Maybe someone knows more about this blade and if it's a good deal: (I don't think you'll see this offer on Laguna Tools web site, so call Tim Lory) December Newsletter 2009 CONTACT: 949.474.1200 ext.9617 Hi Guys: As promised I have something new. Due to the amazing amount of...
  19. D

    Resaw help needed

    I'm bidding on a piece of maple on eBay which, if I win, I want to resaw. Problem is, the piece is about 9" wide and my little Griz can only resaw 6" max, and it complains about that. Can anyone in the Raleigh area help with this? I'm hoping to upgrade my saw, so I'd also love to learn from any...
  20. gordonmt

    resaw jig needed

    Some time back there was some discussion on a bandsaw jig used for resawing lumber. I went through the search function but could not find it. Can anyone submitt there picture of a resaw setup for a bandsaw that I could clone. I have a bunch of new wood now that needs attention and I really...

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