1. S

    PE request: Highlands, NC to Washington, NC

  2. eyekode

    PE request: Winston-Salem to Apex area

    I would like to buy Jay Brewer's cyclone and ducting but can't fit it all in my Rodeo. Anyone heading that way with a big vehicle/truck? I am pretty flexible on date (not sure if Jay is though :). Thanks! Salem
  3. S

    PE request: Atlanta, GA area to NC

  4. willarda

    sticky thread request

    Steve: can you make my thread on Restoring wooden Planes sticky through mid September?
  5. S

    PE request: Raleigh to Little Washington

  6. gator

    Update on Prayer Request

    A short while ago I posted for prayer request for my granddaughter. A quick synopsis of events: On the Tuesday before Thanksgiving she went to Duke for and Electo Cardio Gram. The appointment was at 1:30, by 4:00 they had her in Pediatric Cardiac ICU. It was suspected that she needed a new...
  7. gator

    Prayer Request "Update Added"

    My 12 year old grand-daughter was admitted this afternoon to Duke's Ped Cardiac ICU. She has had a cough for a couple of months which everyone thought was just a cold. She has been tired for the last month and couldn't go all out in her dance classes. Her family Doctor said he might have...
  8. S

    PE request: Johnson City, TN (short-term storage)

  9. bobby g

    PE Request: Pittsboro, NC to Virginia Beach, VA

    I need to get a floor installation tool to Dupont6480 (Tim). It will be in a box that is about 6" X 6" X 24". Thanks, bobby g
  10. BKind2Anmls

    PE Request - Moorseville to Agri Civic Center

    Thanks to fellow members my planer has made it to Moorseville. Is anyone, by any chance, coming from that area to the Agri Civic Center in Albemarle on Saturday? Thanks
  11. bluthart

    PE Request - Dale City VA to Charlotte NC

    Hello folks! I was wondering if anyone might be able to help me get 6 boxes of hardwood flooring from Dale City VA to near Charlotte NC. The boxes are about 6 feet long by a foot wide by 5 inches thick and weigh 50 lbs each. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  12. J

    PE Request, Fayetteville to Morehead City

    The cargo is simple: me. I would like to go see a good friend, but my truck was stolen a couple of months ago. I'd like to get to her place fairly early in the morning (9 or 10-ish) and come back here that evening. I'm willing to pay for gas. I'd really like to do it this coming Saturday...
  13. S

    PE request: Washington, NC to Cassatt, SC (or Charlotte or Fayetteville)

  14. Mike Davis

    PE request from Durham to G'boro or Walnut Cove

    Sawduster has a window screen for me in Durham very close to I-40. If someone is headed this way could you bring it for me please?
  15. zapdafish

    PE Request

    Have a small item that I am trying to get from the Raleigh Area to Forest City NC. Anyone heading that way? Thanks...Steve
  16. PChristy

    PE request

    need two small packages delivered to Apex from Lexington - anyone going that way anytime soon?
  17. D

    PE req - Holly Springs, Apex, Glenwood area or Raleigh to Greensboro

    Hi all, I have a PE request for a small item (RA1165 pictured below). Pick up is from Luckbox72 (Eric), and can be from either Holly Springs, Apex, Glenwood area, or Raleigh; and drop-off is the Greensboro area (right off I-40). I'm not in a hurry for it, so any time in the next few weeks will...
  18. S

    PE request (update): need help in north Raleigh (was South Hill, VA to NC)

    There's an item in South Hill, VA that I am buying. I need someone to pick it up for me if possible and help out with getting moved in the direction of little Washington, NC? South Hill, VA is on I85 and about 8 miles from the VA/NC border. Even getting it to Raleigh, Rocky Mount, Wilson, etc...
  19. S

    big PE request: Chicago to NC

  20. CarvedTones

    PE Request: Wilson to Raleigh or Smithfield or Clayton

    I bought this wood (mostly smallish; I would hope some space in the back of a pickup or van would be enough) from Michael: I am in Cary but could easily meet someone anywhere in Raleigh or outside Raleigh but closer.. MarkE...

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