1. eyekode

    Replace drill press return spring (and depth stop)?

    Through an act of stupidity I broke the return spring on my newly acquired PM 1150A. If you must know it did not come with the depth stop and the first time I touched the thing I lowered the spindle (much) too far. Anyway I opened it up today to take a look. The tab that goes through the rod...
  2. Warren

    Replace shower

    Not sure if this is the correct place to post this, but..... :dontknow: My shower has developed serious leaks and has soaked the sub floor. I would guess that whoever installed it did not use the latex liner that nust be used on the floor. It looks as if I need to rip it out to the studs and...
  3. J

    Sharpen , or Replace

    I need to have the blade (Delta 35-7657) on my saw sharpened. With freight both ways, a new blade from Cripe Distributing (delivered) is almost the same price. So which would you do, order new, and then later send blade out for sharpening. Or just send it out. Oh yeah, I do have a couple other...
  4. CarvedTones

    If you had to replace your wireless router today...

    Yeah, I am supposed to be a computer geek, but I don't always keep up on this and I actually have some serious monetary concerns about going with latest and greatest due to the number of things on the network that might get outmoded. Anyway... I have a Belkin Wireless G+ that just bit the...
  5. U

    need estimate to repair or replace antique frame

    Hi, I am looking for someone who can give me an estimate to repair or replace an antique decorative stained glass window frame. Please let me know if you are interested, I have photos and measurements I can email. Thanks! Christine
  6. rick7938

    Jointer Motor - Repair or Replace?

    I have an old Craftsman 6" jointer with 1/2-hp motor from the 60's. One of the shaft bearings in the motor has developed a rattle. Can these bearings be replaced at a reasonable price or is it better to just buy a good used or new motor? Any suggestions on sources for good used motors? Thanks...
  7. Mike Davis

    Replace a floor?

    Does anybody here do flooring work? Well, I guess it is construction work? My kitchen needs a new floor. It's only 100 years old, but it's time. I need the whole thing taken out, joists and all. The joists are log, they are sagging. This all started with my wife wanting a new sink, if...
  8. smessick

    Replace Incandescents With CFLs?

    I have mostly 200W incandescents in my workshop and am thinking about replacing some or all with CFLs. I'm not ready to install new fluorescent fixtures. My meter is right outside the shop door and when I reach inside and turn on the lights the wheel really spins. Does anyone have any experience...
  9. T

    Festool to replace Ryobi and Black and Decker lines at Home Depot

    Happy April 1st. :rotflm: It's the best I could come up with on short notice. I'm sure Bas has something better! -Kevin
  10. J

    Sharpen, or Replace Jointer Knives

    This seems to be a common problem. A new set of knives from Global Tooling is often cheaper than sharpening. Also, Amazon often runs new Freuds for less than sharpening. That is if they stock a size that fits your jointer/ planer. ( They don't for my Grizzly's.) Where to get them sharpened is...

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