1. G

    Furniture repairs and refinishing

    I'm a professional woodworker in Greensboro, NC, and I frequently get requests to repair, modify, or refinish furniture, usually chairs and tables. Although I do such work when I have time, I seem to stay booked up with new builds and have trouble finding time to do these jobs. Are there any...
  2. T

    Seeking master finisher to restore water damaged spot on 1930s buffet, Durham

    Been lurking around for a while but my first post; so hi, nice to be here:) My mother, in north durham, has a mahogany buffet inherited from her family & recently a wet cloth was left on the top, badly damaging the finish- practically stripping it. Unfortunately I don't know what was used for...
  3. Douglas Robinson

    Table Top Refinishing Recommendation

    A coworker needs to have an antique oak table refinished. It has a stain that needs to be taken out which will require the surface be taken down evenely across the top and then the table will need to be refinished to match the remainder of the table. Does anyone have a recommendation for...
  4. C

    Refinishing a dance floor with Waterlox...any suggestions?

    I'm going to sand and refinish a portable oak dance floor that my family uses for clogging. The Waterlox sealant was top choice because you don't need to re-strip the entire floor to add a coat when it gets worn thin, just clean it and add another coat. Is there anyone who has done this...
  5. SANY0053


  6. SANY0052


  7. timf67

    Quote for refinishing hardwood floors in Monroe, NC

    A friend of mine is selling his house in Monroe, NC and needs to refinish his hardwood floors. It is approx 2000 SF of stained oak flooring. Does anyone out there do floors or know someone who does? He obviously doesn't want to spend a lot of money since he is selling. Thanks!
  8. rcflyer23

    Refinishing A guitar

    I picked up an inexpensive Strat knock off of craigslist the other day. $30 guitar, body, pickups, pretty much everything to make a playable guitar. I figured for $30 bucks I wouldn't go to wrong. It's a pretty decent little guitar, don't know if the pickups work or not I'll need to rewire...
  9. mgoins

    HunnyDo - Refinishing a Dining Room Table & Chairs

    Been a while since I’ve posted, life’s been wild this year. Nearly every free breath was spent preparing to take a Scout group to Philmont Scout Ranch, out in New Mexico. Lot of hiking & backpacking required to get in shape for it. We hiked every weekend from January thru June. Anyway, fast...
  10. jmauldin

    refinishing class

    Just thought I would share with you folks one of my lastest projects. I have started a class on refinishing furniture at the local Habitat Restore. The idea is that when someone comes in and looks at a piece of furniture in the store and it is in need of repair/refinishing if there was someone...
  11. timf67

    Refinishing an old gunstock

    A friend of mine asked me if I could refinish an old rifle gunstock for him. He thinks it is between 30 and 40 years old. The wood appears to be hard maple with a brown toner type finish on it. The finish has come off in a few places, and the wood beneath is not stained. First, any ideas on what...
  12. C

    Refinishing stands

    I am thinking about refinishing two plant stands from church. I am not sure how old they are but the finish is coming off is some areas. I think they are white oak maybe red. Also the top has a bad stain not sure if from water or planter. See below pictures: View image in gallery View...
  13. Bugle

    Floor refinishing advice?

    Our screened-in porch floor is made of 3" tongue and groove yellow pine. It is chemically treated, but I can't remember what it is called (commonly known as "porch flooring"). I do know that it will not accept a water based finish. Anyway, it is about 12 years old and needs refinishing. I...
  14. PeteM

    Refinishing problem

    I’m refinishing and old (not antique) desk. The top is a nice, reasonably thick, mahogany veneer. The problem is that it was grain filled with white filler before it was sprayed with the usual thick toners to cover up that nice veneer. I’ve stripped and sanded it but the white filler...
  15. P1050121


    Chair refinishing
  16. J

    Chair Refinishing

    I have 4 to "refinish" for a friend of mine, but I'm pretty much clueless about how to go about it! :help: These are fairly old I think, but they are sturdy and I don't know what kind of wood they are. I've kinda washed them off by hand with some mild soap & water as a starting point. Cane...
  17. Skymaster

    furniture re-finishing

    Will be moving into Zebulon in Dec and will probably have a couple of pcs to have refinished. The answer to the unasked question: Yes I am cabinetmaker/custom carpenter however I do NOT do any finishing work. That is above my paygrade :}:}:} I hope to learn how once I get there and get shop...
  18. AmishWarlord

    Refinishing Piano Bench

    I was eating lunch at my church the other day and noticed the bench of the upright piano we have in the cafeteria was in pretty bad condition. One leg is broken and the top looks more like a work bench than a piano bench. So I decided to bring it home and get it back into shape. I'd appreciate...
  19. Mike Davis

    Refinishing chest of drawers

    I worked in screen printing for about 15 years and back then we didn't use gloves or respirators, so I got a major dose of chemical, had to quit that career and still have sensitivities to certain chemicals. I can't walk down the detergent isle in a grocery store without gasping for air. So...
  20. S

    Refinishing courses or seminars

    Hi, I used to refinish pianos and other furniture spraying lacquer a little more than 20 years ago and am getting back into refinishing. I have noticed that there have been many advancements in finishing products since then. Is there any kind of course or seminar offered in North Carolina...

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