1. J

    6" PVC Wye $8.50

    Lowes in Cary (Walnut Street store) has two 6" PVC wyes reduced to $8.50 each. Located in the plumbing section, UNDER clearance table.
  2. HF Lathe Shelf

    HF Lathe Shelf

    HF Lathe Custom Wooden Shelf with PVC tool holders
  3. CatButler

    Grinding PVC

    Hi, I found a great craft for my kids' Y -guides tribes to make Native American flutes from PVC pipe. Do do this, I need to flatten about 1.5 inch section of the pipe. The web page I found uses a file and sandpaper, which I certainly have, but I need to knock out 16 of these things, so I'm...
  4. scsmith42

    PVC pipe for dust collection?

    In researching pro's and cons for using PVC pipe for dust collection, I ran across this essay. Very fascinating reading, from someone that is well versed with the physics behind it. http://home.comcast.net/~rodec/woodworking/articles/DC_myths.html Thought that I'd share it for others to...
  5. Mark Stewart

    PVC vacuume chucks

    In the Summer issue of Woodturning design, there is an article on how to make your own vacuume chuch. I am hoping some one else has read this. I have been looking to a vacuume chuck. So if you have read it what do you think? Thanks Mark
  6. Bas

    6" PVC on CL - 160ft for $200

    Schedule 40, not thin wall (S&D), but a pretty good deal. http://raleigh.craigslist.org/mat/1149697197.html
  7. merrill77

    Source for 6" S&D PVC in Triangle?

    I am doing some research on implementing a _real_ dust collection system in my shop. At the moment, I'm trying to design a reasonable duct routing design in my basement shop. So I need to find a local source for 6" S&D (sewer and drain) PVC (2729, not schedule 40). Beyond just buying some pipe...
  8. Bigdog72

    Extra SCH 40 PVC and Fittings

    Anybody interested in 3 10' lengths of sch40 PVC, 8-10 45's and 4-5 wyes? Overestimated how much I would need for my humble shop. Fair price tbd!
  9. GeorgeL

    Source for 6" PVC (ASTM 2729) - Again

    Does anyone know of a source in the Triangle area that carries 6" thin wall S&D PVC pipe? (ASTM 2729) I have seen ASTM 3035 at Lowes but at $33/10' that is more expensive than SCH 40. I've talked to the special order desk at both Lowes and Home Depot but they don't have a clue. It seems that I...
  10. A

    PVC DC Pipe- a trip to the cleaners!!!!

    I am reworking the DC drops behind the knee wall in my shop as part of the autogate installation. I needed a few feet of 6" PVC S&D. Of course, as all of you who have looked know, that stuff is hard to find. I tried all the local plumbing supply, Ferguson's Waterworks, etc. here in Washington...
  11. Pop

    PVC pipe based dust collection

    Knowing I needed some sort of dust collection but not seeing too many other systems around here, I opted to use PVC pipe for my shop lines. I bought a 2hp double bag setup, replaced the bottom bag with a clear plastic bag and made a remote on/off switch that sets above my workbench. After...
  12. mkepke

    Request for assistance - machining pvc fittings

    I need to make a custom male-male pvc union. To do that, I need to machine the stubs on two stock plumbing unions so they fit inside each other. Reduce the OD on one fitting and increase the ID on the other fitting so that they mate for gluing. Is there someone out there with a machine lathe...
  13. Jim Murphy

    6" PVC D-2729 pipe source

    John Deere Landscapes of Apex, at 919-303-7290 is a stocking dealer for Cresline pipe, and can order the PVC you need for your dust collection system. The Cresline part number is 52155. Here's the Cresline datasheet for the pipe...
  14. Bas

    Where to buy 6" S&D PVC pipe

    I'm looking for a local supplier of 6" Sewer and Drainage PVC pipe. I don't need much, maybe 40 feet or so. I also need fittings, mainly wyes and 45 elbows. Those wyes are expensive! The cheapest online source I've found so far is at Polsteins' -> http://www.homeandbeyond.com/prod-0077239.html...
  15. A

    6" PVC S&D wye for sale CHEAP at Lowes

    For those installing, getting ready to install, or adding to their DC ducting I was in Lowes tonight and saw a yellow tag on one of the PVC S&D bins- I could not believe it, they had 6" X 6" X 6" S&D wye fittings marked down from $18 and change, to $.91, yes that is 91 cents!!!!!! Not sure if...
  16. Tarhead

    Hot Deal on 6" PVC Pipe in Charlotte area

    I have access to 12, 10ft lengths of 6" white (schedule 40) PVC going for $12 ea. PM me if interested in any or all. I can hold it here in Concord if needed. Mark
  17. T

    PVC or Metal Duct for Dust Collection

    Now that I have a dust collector it is time to pipe it to the machines. I would like to use PVC for ease of installation but hear it is dangerous unless grounded inside and out. Any feedback on success or failures on the two systems would be welcomed. Thanks

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