1. Sealeveler

    [Problem-Other] Visits/Week

    The Visits per week counter is not very accurate.Tony
  2. jimwill48

    [Problem-Other] Private Message Problem

    I was looking at a message and was trying to print it. I clicked on move to folder, the site then wanted me to create a folder and I just clicked back to message and my "IN" box was empty. :eek: Is there anyway to retrieve that message? It was from "Sanders Woodworking" and contained his...
  3. gator

    [Problem-Other] It's Still Happening

    I use Mozilla/FireFox for opening NCWW. I have Home Page set as the FORUMS page. I shut down the computer last night at 10:00PM. I turned the beast on this morning at about 8:15AM. I booted Mozilla and the FORUMS page came up (home page). I then go and get coffee and read the paper before...
  4. HMH

    [Problem-Other] VBulletin Message

    Good Morning, I'm relatively new to the site, so I'm not sure if I've encountered a "problem", or just a protocol I'm not familiar with. I have a notification for an unread PM I was expecting from another member, however, even through I'm allready logged in, it asks for my username and...
  5. R

    [Problem-Other] emails for subscribed threads

    I don't receive emails for threads that I have either started or subscribed to. I checked my preferences and the box is checked for that. AM I doin g something wrong? Thanks, Rod
  6. M

    [Problem-Other] Problem adding sawyer to list

    Followed the directions provided by the administrator attempting to add a sawyer to the list in Eastern NC. Clicked on the "Edit this page" and it just takes me back to the original screen. Is it a problem w/my system or is there another way to add another source?? Thanks in advance. Mike.
  7. J

    [Problem-Other] Ad

    HELP why is the ad I placed filling up my external email? I rarely check that email account and when I logged in tonight, I was shocked that I received 81 emails from the ad I placed. Is there a way to direct the ad replies to a private message or better yet suppress them all...
  8. JackLeg

    [Problem-Other] ZEND?

    Can anyone explain what the heck Zend Optimizer is and why I was denied access until I had downloaded this thing? Has something hijacked the site? I am really reluctant to download stuff like that, but had to to gain access. Anyone else experiencing this?
  9. M

    [Problem-Other] NC WW Membership Card

    Steve -- Several code error pop up when one tries to generate the Membership card. :dontknow:
  10. toolman

    [Problem-Other] [Problem-Smilies]

    I was posting and clicked on [more] for more smilies and only got about 90% of the smilies we had before the upgrade.. Upgrades can be a pain!! just letting you know!! :dontknow:
  11. ptt49er

    [Problem-Other] Double Thread Titles

    When using the new posts search function, I'm getting double thread titles. All in the same row. Is it my browser or something else? Thanks!
  12. walnutjerry

    [Problem-Other] Links

    Recently I have been getting the "this page cannot be shown" message when I click on a link included in a post (such as the blum hinge link recently posted). Is it our site or is it my computer? I just noticed it the last couple days and I have not changed any settings of any kind on my...
  13. gator

    [Problem-Other] Picture Problems

    Status: Entered Assigned To:: Unassigned ===================================== A long time ago I was asking about why I didn't get some pictures to come through on IE7 (I get them on FireFox), Well I have a perfect example to ask about. In the current thread about 'Joe Woodworker Vacuum Press'...
  14. J

    [Problem-Other] Posting

    Status: Entered Assigned To:: Unassigned ===================================== At times when posting I can type faster than the characters show up on the screen, trust me I don't type fast either. I'm not joking there is like a 2 or 3 second delay from the time I type a character till it shows...
  15. K

    [Problem-Other] junk (?) email

    Status: Entered Assigned To:: SteveColes ===================================== This morning I have a bunch of emails ranting about Social Security issues. The emails use my forum name and reference NC Woodworkers. Just curious what is going on and if this is happening to anyone else...

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