1. Truefire

    Woodworkers Old Timey Lube Pot

    recently made this replica of the Old Timey Woodworkers Lube Boxes that were once used by our predecessors. Crafted out of Black Walnut and contains an inlay-ed hourglass shape in the end which serves as a lid retention. The dual swinging lid is designed to create a locking means, which is...
  2. Glennbear

    Neti Pot Usage

    I have reopened an old thread to post a warning about a serious problem that has surfaced with neti pot usage: http://www.ncwoodworker.net/forums/showthread.php?t=30993&page=2 Here is a link to the story about the problem...
  3. Truefire

    Any of you guys turn turkey pot calls? supply inquiry

    Hey guys, any of you hanging out here in the woodturner's forum section, turn turkey pot calls? I am looking for some wooden soundboards and was wondering if you had any good sources or if any of you produce your own? I understand the simplicity in producing one's own, however sometimes going...
  4. erasmussen

    squash pot

    A couple of turnings A squash pot 14" tall and a turning with subtle pattern (dont ask why)
  5. flyrod444

    New surface for my pot calls

    I put together a ceramic call this week and it sounds and looks great. I wll be making many calls using the ceramic surface. It plays as easy as slate with just a touch higher pitch and is very loud if need be. I put this one in a rhododendron burl / purple heart pot that looks great. I have...
  6. Gotcha6

    MDF caused pot usage....

    A Neti pot, that is. After making the trim pieces for 5 elliptical arches like below (20 pieces total), I had to visit the sink with the Neti pot to get the dust outa my nose. In spite of using a shop vac with the router, that stuff is nasty dusty. I plan to do a How To post on the entire...
  7. SANY0024


    Hickory handle for one of my wife' favorite pots. As of now, it is unfinished. Looking for advice on water/heat proofing
  8. border diamond seed pot bottom detail

    border diamond seed pot bottom detail

    border diamond seed pot bottom detail
  9. border diamond seed pot2

    border diamond seed pot2

    border diamond seed pot
  10. border diamond seed pot

    border diamond seed pot

    border diamond seed pot
  11. seed pot top wip

    seed pot top wip

    seed pot top wip
  12. seed pot  wip

    seed pot wip

    border diamonds
  13. PChristy

    Addition to a weed pot

    I turned this a few weeks ago from one that I messed up while turning it - It got out of round some how :dontknow: So instead of throwing it away I drilled and tap the bottom and was planning on making a bottle stopper out of it - but came up with this instead - I have already posted a picture...
  14. G

    bud vase / Weed Pot?

    My latest turning. All comments are appreciated.It is Made out of ash.
  15. more turnings

    more turnings

    rosewood weed pot
  16. DaveO

    Weed pot

    After finishing the chalkboard table and delivering it, I felt like adding to the ever growing pile of shavings underneath my lathe. I decided a 3" x 3" x 14" piece of Walnut should become a weed pot. Here is the outcome - Throw in a few Zinnias from the garden and you have something...
  17. S

    2 Ladies, 2 Saws & a Pot

    This is how I spent my Saturday with 2 lovely ladies. I hope it's worth it. I hope this worked I clueless about posting pictures. Guess I need Cathy to do it.
  18. b4man

    Got Pot?

    :rolf: ...well I think it's funny! I would very much like to find a big cast iron pot to cook Brunswick stew over a fire. If I can locate one to buy then I thought I would invite anyone who would like to come to GSO for a "stew cookin'" And, even if nobody wants to come, I still want to cook...

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