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  3. CrealBilly

    Staining the pool deck

    It's not often I plug a product unless I'm really pleased with it. My hats off to Benjamin Moore for their hardwood finish 321. Those who know me know to me stain is like a bad 4 letter word. I have never had any success staining wood, I was never very happy with the results. I've tried lots of...
  4. Klingspor 2009

    Klingspor 2009

    Dave, Bob, Matt, Pete - alias Davedf, Bobcatbob,Splint Eastwood, peteb301
  5. jaustin

    Above ground pool deck

    Almost finished my pool deck just need to build a gate for the top deck.
  6. jaustin

    above ground pool deck pics?

    Just got a above ground pool put in. does anyone that have one that built a deck around have any pics of it while building it? like to see how you built the framing to it. thanks
  7. Bas

    The pool is open!

    With all the March Madness going on, perhaps we can have a little friendly pool to see when DaveO will reach the magical 10K posts mark! :XXcompute:XXcompute:XXcompute No rules, no brackets, no upset bonus, no entry fee, just reply with the day and time. The winner gets the honor of organizing...
  8. J

    Car Pool To Charlotte 3-08

    Next Saturday, a group of us will meet at the MacDonalds at Lake Pine and HWY 64 west in Apex. (Please park in the outer side of the lot a Krogers.) We will meet at 7:30 AM, have breakfast and leave for the Woodworking Show at 8:00 AM. We can stop in Pittsboro at the Lowes Home Improvement Store...
  9. Jim Murphy

    Wanna make pool sticks?

    http://raleigh.craigslist.org/tls/557810736.html Sometimes it's not typed correctly, but this time, it really is a wooden laze. Need one? Oh, the tools will cost extra. Kinda hard to make table legs and those pool sticks with no laze tools, though. While you're on CL, you might need an...
  10. J

    ERC Pool Deck WIP

    Well I think I got enough eastern red cedar cut and air dried this time to finish up the pool deck, no more excesses not to get it done. All that's left is to make up deck boards and beat em down on the far corner and around the edge. I did everything except cut the logs off the stump, buck em...
  11. J

    Pool / Deck

    You might remember my thorn in the side project from last year, the pool deck? Well it survived the winter pretty well and I'm starting to beat down some decking. http://www.ncwoodworker.net/forums/showthread.php?t=4998 What a PITA, 5/4 boards go through the planner to a thickness of 1", out...
  12. smessick

    Pool table rack dimensions

    I'm building a cue rack for my daughter and son-in-law and am thinking of making a triangular table rack. I've spent some time searching and have sent email inquiries to several billiards suppliers and still haven't found dimensions for a rack. Can anybody help? Thanks. Stan Messick
  13. Z

    I'll jump in the pool -

    Hi y'all - I heard there was a forum for NC woodworkers. Good to be here. I'm working in High Point now and will move there soon. I'm closer to all the stores and lumber now. I've been active at the WWA for a while and check into the Creek every now and then. Now I can check out this...

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