1. jaustin

    looking for a 15" planner

    Upgraded my drum sander, now I want to start looking to upgrade my Ridgid planner. Looking for 15" + planer with a mobile base. Just starting to look and not sure how soon I maybe able to upgrade. Thanks
  2. S

    Rigid 13" Thickness Planner - $175 (Rockfish)

    not mine Rigid 13" Thickness Planner - $175 (Rockfish) Date: 2011-03-18, 2:24PM EDT Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] Nice planner Excellent condition Absolutely nothing wrong with it...
  3. golfdad

    Ryobi Planner

    Does anyone have the Ryobi AP 1300 Planer ? If so I am trying to figure out how to rotate the feed rollers for cleaning without the power on of
  4. S

    Workshop planner software

    I thought I downloaded some software for planning the layout for a workshop but can't find it or remember where I found it online. Anyone know of any good free ones? Ones that can add color and not just a top down look would be helpful.
  5. JeepMr

    Question about Ridgid Planner

    I'm looking at buying a planner. HD has the Ridgid Planner and Dewalt Planner for the same price. They both seem to be almost identical. I was thinking the Ridgid because of the limited lifetime warranty. Any thoughts on the Ridgid Planner. I'm sure there are better ones out there, but the price...
  6. NCTurner

    Cabinet Planner Sale

    Found on another forum: "July special price of $60 for the full blown download with all the standard bells and whistles and.....he is throwing in the Stringer designer which normally sells for $20."
  7. ScottM

    DW733 Planner on Ral CL

    Not mine.
  8. liftnaleg1

    HF 12" planner

    Guys I have a person that is selling a HF 12" planner and it is still in the box and has 2.5hp motor.....Do you guys think this is worth a $100.00? Seems to run good and we ran a pcs of Pine through it and it seemed to plane it fine. The pcs of pine was the first board ever ran through it...
  9. Jim M.

    Who needs a planner?

    Not mine, but good price... Jim
  10. D

    thanks woodsaw for dw735 planner

    thanks qui... used planner this past week to plane some poplar for the custom bookshelves/tv stand i built for customer. felt great to plane own poplar (came off property i bought to build first home) instead of purchasing poplar at the home centers for 4 plus dollars a bdft! savings over 100...
  11. michaelgarner

    Grizzly 12in planner problem

    Just wondering if anyone has ever dealt with the pressure feed roller on a portable planner. Does anyone has the same model and adjusted the rollers? Thanks for your help everyone. Michael Garner P.S. the left side roller is out of wack. lol

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