1. Koa veneer picture frames

    Koa veneer picture frames

    Koa veneer on cherry. BLO then several coats of amber shellac. Edges finished with black water based stain.
  2. Joe Lyddon

    Viewing Gallery Photos

    Several Suggestions: 1. Leftmost Column of statistics, etc. is irrelevant AND it pushes the Pictures way over to the Right causing one to be continuously Scrolling Right to see them... Suggest Removing the Left Col. of statistics. 2. When the Slide Show option is taken, each picture is shoved...
  3. 6_20_11_025


    Spalded Maple stand with walnut frame with maple insert
  4. J

    Picture upload error 500

    Tried to upload 3 pics to my Gallery. Received an "upload error 500" message. Site problems or have I done something wrong? Thanks. Jeff
  5. J

    Picture frames-worth the build?

    For a few one-off frames I think it's better to just bite the bullet and get a few professionally done frames, but they aren't cheap ($200-400 depending on the size, wood species, matting, etc). A 24" x 15" birdseye/curly maple frame that's 1.25" finished face width is about $24/linear foot at a...
  6. J

    Picture frame measurements

    A spin-off of the recent thread posted by Lorraine Hughes in this forum. A couple of members suggested "The Picture Frame Guide". It contains ready made tables for measuring the stock for the frames based upon frame size, stock width, and rabbet dimensions. So...I got curious and that's...
  7. L

    Measuring for picture frames question

    My super sled works great and cuts a beautiful miter cut however this brings up another question. Is there a formula for determing how much extra length is needed for a frame that is say 14" on the inside with a 2 1/4" wide stock?
  8. L

    Miter cuts for picture frames

    I need help making a good miter with a cross cut saw. I have tried this for years now and still can't seem to get a decent miter. There must be a secret that someone can share. I searched the web earlier this evening. One thought was to make sure I had a good fine tooth blade in the saw. My...
  9. gator

    Trouble Uploading Picture

    Having trouble uploading a picture. I do the Selection Upload OK but when I click on Upload/Submit I get the 'Processing Image' message and then I get a 'Internal Server Error' message.I have tried about 5 times with the same result. Could easily be operator error. George
  10. cskipper

    Puzzle from cross-stitch picture

    Here's a puzzle I cut from a picture of my sister's cross-stitch. The effect is kind of cool.
  11. cskipper

    Scrollsaw bowls/baskets - How to - ( picture heavy)

    Here are photo's for the basics of assembly of a scroll saw bowl/basket: First is a cut, but unassembled basket: Start with the base: Rotate and add 1st layer: Rotate and add second layer: Rotate and add 3rd layer: Same for 4th layer...
  12. W

    Glass for Picture Frames near Charlotte

    I had three pictures enlarged for the LOML for Christmas and made frames for them. I would like get some non-reflective glass for them (16" X 24"). I went to an art supply/frame shop to get some and they wanted an arm and a leg for the glass.:nah: Can anyone suggest a good source for...
  13. theartist09

    new post with picture

    how do i post a "New Post" with a picture? I'm new here and trying to find my way around. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Jim
  14. moms picture frame

    moms picture frame

  15. moms picture frame

    moms picture frame

  16. moms picture frame

    moms picture frame

  17. moms picture frame

    moms picture frame

  18. PChristy

    This grass was hard to cut picture framed

    Used two coats of Amber shellac and a coat of BLO - View image in gallery View image in gallery View image in gallery
  19. F

    Picture frame glass

    A piece a little larger than 2' x 3' around Hickory?? I know Michaels and AC Moore are the obvious choices but they are always expensive...
  20. Sandy Rose

    Picture problems on iPod/iPhone

    I've noticed when I view threads on the mobile site on an iPod, the picture links are either not there, or linked wrong. Is anyone else having this issue, or am I missing something in user preferences?

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