1. J

    Bosch palm router - $35

    NOT MINEraleigh craigslist > for sale / wanted > tools please flag with care: [?] miscategorized prohibited spam/overpost best of craigslist Avoid scams and fraud by dealing locally! Beware any deal involving Western Union, Moneygram, wire transfer, cashier check, money order, shipping...
  2. S

    Recon Bosch Colt VS Palm Router Kit-CPO $70plus ship

    Bosch CPO Sale,default,pd.html?ref=em20110408
  3. 8

    I'm confused about palm sanders...

    I've got a Makita palm sander. I bought the adhesive rolls and the pad for it years ago and have been very happy with it. However, it is starting to show signs of giving out... What are you kids using these days...? Should I just plan on a new Makita... or is the Porter Cable better...
  4. S

    PC 342KR 1/4 Sheet Palm Sander-$28-Tooliday

    Know Someone That would like one of these deals? PorterCable 342KR Recon 1/4 Sheet Palm Sander Kit Feb 10, 2010 01:00 am This is the sander you've been searching for. The Porter Cable Factory Reconditioned 342K features a powerful 2.4 Amp motor and lightweight, compact frame that you can...
  5. S

    DeWalt Palm Sander - $25 (McGee's Crossroads)

    Not mine! Palm Sander - $25 (McGee's Crossroads) Date: 2010-01-15, 4:01AM EST Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] <DIV id=userbody>This is a 2.4-Amp 1/4sheet Palm Sander with 14,000 opm that I am selling for $25. It is in great condition with very...
  6. Palm sink pedestal

    Palm sink pedestal

    &amp;quot;palm tree&amp;quot; carved sink pedestal for client's home in Nassau
  7. Keepsake Box Red Palm

    Keepsake Box Red Palm

    Red Palm approx 11x9x3
  8. Keepsake Box Red Palm

    Keepsake Box Red Palm

    Red Palm approx 11x9x3
  9. Keepsake Box Red Palm

    Keepsake Box Red Palm

    Red Palm approx 11x9x3
  10. Keepsake Box Red Palm

    Keepsake Box Red Palm

    Red Palm approx 11x9x3
  11. christopheralan

    Palm Router help...

    What to buy? I looked at the Bosch, Craftsman, Dewalt and I cant figure which to buy.
  12. RandyJ

    Black Palm tricks anyone?

    Ok all you turning experts..I'm trying to turn some black palm pens but having problems with splintering, chunks flying, and in one case the entire blank popping off the tube:slap:. I got the other half of the pen somewhat done:new_shock but it has divots or little holes on the surface. Anyone...
  13. B

    palm sander question

    OK my 20 year old Black & Decker palm sander finally gave up the ghost and I was at a BORG looking around for a new random orbital sander and saw what was called a sheet sander. There were quite a few more sheet sander on display than random orbit sanders. What is the difference between the two?
  14. S

    Porter Cable Palm Sander use code TKRD07 for free shipping
  15. ChrisMathes

    Wagers on Mike and Phillip - Black Palm Pen

    I'm setting up a # to take bets on the outcome of Mike and Phillip's black palm pen adventure. Currently, odds are 4 to 1 that the pen explodes before finishing and 10 to 1 that Phillip buys a lathe anyhow.... Call 704.555.9432 to place your bets! Chris
  16. ptt49er

    Turning black palm...

    so Mike (hpm67) offered to let me borrow his time and bandsaw and in talking with him I asked if he would turn a pen and pencil with me, well he said he'd love to!! today we meet up at Woodcraft. I grabbed a black palm blank to turn one out of. I opened the...
  17. alleng

    palm sander

    just wondering;which is better for finish sanding,1/4 sheet or 5'' random orbital leaning towards a 1/4 sheet,cause i have a dewalt ros.worked pretty good new,but now it spins too fast to do a good job .it did come with a replacement bushing for dust collection,which when worn lets...
  18. jimwill48

    Red Palm Blank Disaster

    :-( Tried my hand at turning Red Palm last night. The project was supposed to be a Mont Blanc pen. Had my doubts about this wood when I cut the blank to size and it started to peel off long splinters (I use a Compound Miter Saw to cut to length. Went ahead and glued it up the tubes. I then...
  19. Nativespec

    Bosch Colt Varialble Palm Router

    Does anyone have one of these? sells it for $117 delivered. For $80 more you can get the "installers kit" that includes various basis and and guides-is this optional stuff useful for furniture making? COLT PALM ROUTER INSTALLERS KIT
  20. Mtnman

    Orbital Palm Sander

    Don't know if everyone is like me, but it seems like every time I want to use my one and only palm sander it has the wrong grit paper on it. I really hate to stop and install a different sheet. It wastes too much time! Obviously the solution to this is to get another palm sander, and install a...

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