1. Planter with copper tubing trellis

    Planter with copper tubing trellis

    Plans from Wood magazine
  2. Planter with copper tubing trellis

    Planter with copper tubing trellis

    Plans from Wood magazine
  3. Planter with copper tubing trellis

    Planter with copper tubing trellis

    Plans from Wood magazine
  4. Planter with copper tubing trellis

    Planter with copper tubing trellis

    Plans from Wood magazine
  5. Original porch swing

    Original porch swing

    This is the original porch swing I did in 2003. Looks nice and bright in this photo - I didn't keep up with the finish and its pretty dark now. But still comfortable!
  6. Adirondack Porch swing

    Adirondack Porch swing

  7. Adirondack Porch swing

    Adirondack Porch swing

  8. Adirondack Porch swing

    Adirondack Porch swing

    I varied from the plans on this one by inverting the curve on the back - the original one I built per the plans had rounded shoulders and it looked more slumpy to me...
  9. Adirondack Porch swing

    Adirondack Porch swing

    Just finished this swing for my parents. This is my second build of this design - first was for my wife and has been in use for about 10 years. The second one got some design/hardware upgrades and I think it turned out pretty well. The plans are here...
  10. K

    another outdoor finish thread

    I have a white oak outdoor project, I have read a few threads about waterlox and epifanes from jamestown, but wanted to know if anyone has ever used Ready Seal?
  11. adowden

    Finishing cedar outdoor bench

    I am making a rustic eastern red cedar half log style bench for my neighbor. She doesn't want the natural look, so I am trying Marine spar varnish. The bench is a half log for the seat and a half log for the back. The cut surfaces have been sanded to 180. Can I only finish the cut surfaces to...
  12. eyekode

    Large Outdoor building set for kids

    My daughter has taken to raiding my scraps and "building" things in the yard. I would like to encourage this :). I remember seeing a project to make plywood boards with notches to link the pieces together. Sorta like large flat lincoln logs. But My searches are coming up empty. Does this ring a...
  13. J

    Outdoor Finishes

    Just saw this informative article to share with you folks. There's also some good links within. http://thewoodwhisperer.com/pondering-outdoor-finishes/ To finish (and with what) or not to finish? Personal preference? Customer preference? No maintenance or regular maintenance? :dontknow:
  14. Cedar Planter Box

    Cedar Planter Box

    This cedar planter is a great gift and fun project to build.
  15. blazeman45

    Outdoor Kitchen & Porch Finished

    It took me almost a year but I finally finished... The porch has an IPE T&G floor with Cypress T&G ceiling... I framed the outdoor kitchen with metal studs, durock, and hardiboard... It has IPE on the front and a Weber Summit Grill which I piped into my bulk tank. We put a granite top on the...
  16. K

    outdoor projects

    In what order is the best wood for outdoor projects? Planters, chairs, etc.
  17. Shamrock

    Outdoor Workbench-Finished!

    Well this was a long time coming. As with many of my recent projects this has been sort of done for about 8 months. What you say? We'll I finished the construction of the top and the base 8 months ago, but never got around to making the shelf or finishing it. While it was sitting around I...
  18. zapdafish

    white oak for outdoor use question

    I was reading up on wood for outdoor use and found that white oak seems like a suitable wood. I was also considering cedar. I just wanted to verify it with you guys. It would be for a grill cart that will be kept under a grill cover but stored outside so I don't think it would be directly...
  19. Bryan S

    Outdoor Table for the LOML

    Finally a project finished. I have mentioned before that the loml enjoys feeding and caring for birds, and I mean loves it. She had been setting seeds and water on an old wooden spool that I pulled out of the dumpster at work and painted several years ago. The spool has seen its better days and...
  20. christopheralan

    Need material for rustic outdoor bench.

    I have a commission for an outdoor bench similar to this one... I am wanting cedar or cypress or something that will hold up for a couple few years, but also needs to be somewhat dry. Ideas? I am in Jacksonville, so anything past Reiligh I would need the pony exp. Thanks!

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