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    RBI Hawk-mobile base-Jet mortising-beams

    I am cleaning out and have some items free to the first person to come and get them. RBI Hawk scroll saw, nice, perfect condition, but I was never able fix the blade attachment. Brand new Delta Mobile base 50-325, in an unopened box for the last ten years. A Jet mortising machine, bench top...
  2. FV


  3. Router end-stop adjustment detail.

    Router end-stop adjustment detail.

  4. Mortising with plunge router.

    Mortising with plunge router.

  5. Precise setup.

    Precise setup.

    Use 1/4'' pointed centering pin with micro-adjust for precise table adjustment.
  6. Table setup

    Table setup

  7. Micro-adjust lead screw.

    Micro-adjust lead screw.

  8. Micro-adjust mechanisium

    Micro-adjust mechanisium

  9. Dial indicator detail.

    Dial indicator detail.

  10. Table micro-adjust knob.

    Table micro-adjust knob.

  11. Features


    Dial-indicator for precise measurements. Hardwood side rails for added top support. Top material is particle board with white laminate.
  12. Toggle Clamps

    Toggle Clamps

    In use, it may be necessary to mount the toggle clamp on a riser block; a simple 3/4 inch plywood spacer with longer screws does the job!
  13. ShopNotes Mortising Jig w/Micro-adjust table.

    ShopNotes Mortising Jig w/Micro-adjust table.

    The basic platform for this mortising jig is based on the ShopNotes jig - Volume 11 Issue 64.
  14. "green" oak stool

    "green" oak stool

    close to finish
  15. "green" oak stool

    "green" oak stool

    wood source
  16. "green" oak stool

    "green" oak stool

    one stile blank
  17. "green" oak stool

    "green" oak stool

    When splitting doesn't work, break out the rip saw
  18. "green" oak stool

    "green" oak stool

  19. "green" oak stool

    "green" oak stool

    shoulder offset
  20. "green" oak stool

    "green" oak stool

    pegged, finally

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