1. CatButler

    Groupon Deal: $125 2 month membershop RDUTech

    Groupon Deal $125 for Two-Month Membership and Six Hours of Classes at TechShop RDU It will only be good for a while, Here is my link. Disclosure, I would receive $10 if you go through my referral Always be sure to read fine print.
  2. scsmith42

    Shop update - this month

    Good, steady progresss was made on the shop in January. In addition to getting internet access extended to the shop, the large dust collection system is complete, allowing me to bring the 4-head Baker moulder and the Mattison straight line ripsaw online. I completed the electrical hook-up to...
  3. Douglas Robinson

    One Month until the Picnic!!!!!

    Just a reminder!!! that and I had some extra exclaimation points and thought I would use them up!!!!!!!! :gar-Bi:icon_cheers:banana:
  4. J

    One Month till Fredricksburg Show

    It's only a month till the Woodworking Show hits Fredricksburg VA. Anyone from here planning on going? I plan leave from Klingspor's parking lot around 7:00 AM on Sat the 13th, and get to the show around 11:00. I usually pack my own lunch, so I can spend my money on the show, not over priced...
  5. MrAudio815

    Turnings from the past Month & Inspired By Alex

    Hey Everyone, I am back to get some more of the wonderful comments you have out there. Here are some turnings I did while my wife was in the Hosp and while my son was a sleep. Wish I had more than this, but hey you only have so much time, and with tilling up my back yard and re-planting...
  6. bpeck

    Woodworking Month

    I haven't seen this posted, so pardon if it is known. There is a bill in the State legislature (H 596) to designate April "Woodworking Month". It is currently moving through the House. Not a quick process.
  7. J

    Road Trip next month.

    Will be heading from Oxford NC thru Greensboro Via I 40, thru Asheville Via I 40, thru Knoxville TN Via I 40, thru Nashville TN Via I 40, thru Paducah KY via I24, to SIU in Carbondale IL. Then it's off to Houston TX, thru Memphis TN via I55, thru Little Rock AR Via I30, down to Shrevport LA...
  8. J month end special

    Just got an email from Looks like they are having a month end flooring special for orders of $10,000 or more. Here's the on-line version: Thanks
  9. mkepke

    Free month of from Delta/PC I've signed up and the service works just as you'd expect. -Mark

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