1. blazeman45

    Mitre Saw Station Build (Updated Pics - 11/18)

    After much thought, I went to the shop this morning and got started building my new mitre saw station... I purchased a new Dewalt 12" SCMS a couple of months ago to replace my old 12" Dewalt. I got the carcasses and tops built today and got the table for the saw installed. - The saw table is...
  2. L

    45 degree mitre joints

    I have been cutting 45 degree mitre joints on my table saw and they have been OK. Do most wood workers use the table saw or the mitre saw to cut the 45 degree joints. I'm thinking about up grading my mitre saw to see if I can get tighter joints.
  3. PSI Dust Hood

    PSI Dust Hood

    PSI Dust Hood in service
  4. S

    New 12" Mitre Slide Chop Saw - $125 (Raleigh)

    Looks like Northern Tool Brand, $100? New 12" Mitre Slide Chop Saw - $125 (Raleigh) Date: 2011-01-12, 9:54PM EST Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] Selling my Chop saw. Bought it in August...
  5. S

    Ridgid mitre saw stand - $35 (chapel hill)

    A little used looking but......not mine RIDGID MITRE SAW STAND - $35 (CHAPEL HILL) Date: 2011-01-10, 3:59PM EST Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] ROLLING MITRE SAW STAND THAT IS EASY TO SET...
  6. L

    Compound Mitre Saw

    I'm looking at purchasing a new compound mitre saw and was told by a freind I should purchase a belt driven saw. I know nothing about who manufactures a belt driven mitre saw. If anyone has experience with abelt driven saw, please help. I'm not sure there is such a tool.
  7. B

    Langdon Acme Mitre Box Kingbolt

    I am restoring a Landgon and am missing the "kingbolt" - the bolt the is the fulcrum upon which the carriage rotates on. Anybody have a junker/parts that I could get my hands on? Thx in advance.
  8. S

    Makita Sliding Compund mitre saw - $100 (Raleigh)

    Not Mine! Picture not very good, but if interested, worth a trip to see Sliding Compund mitre saw - $100 (Raleigh) Date: 2010-02-07, 5:42PM EST Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] Sliding Makita...
  9. W

    Need Some Mitre Station Ideas

    Well,I had a long weekend so I took apart a 12' long radial arm bench and opened up some serious room.Now I would like to come up with a Mitre box station with storage below it.I'm wanting to see some pix of what people have come up with for there own shops.I need some drawers and a long support...
  10. S

    10" Sliding Compound Mitre Saw - $160 (Trinity)

    NOt mine: Looks to be a Delta 10" Sliding Compound Mitre Saw - $160 (Trinity) Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] Date: 2009-07-13, 1:34PM EDT Saw is in great condition and blade is still like new. Only used to do trim work around our house. Call...
  11. T

    Opinin requested- Mitre saw blade

    Afternoon, I need to purchase a new blade for my Bosch 10" Mitre saw...I am looking at the thin kerf blades, 40T or more (??). Not sure how many teeth the blade should have that is purchased? Freud has the 10" Diablo Fine Finish Saw Blade (coastaltool), 60 tooth ATB, 15° hook, 0.098" kerf...
  12. Mitre Station

    Mitre Station

    full setup view I clamp a block of wood of the left side that has a screw in it, I use the screw for micro-adjustments
  13. Mitre Station

    Mitre Station

    long view
  14. Mitre Station

    Mitre Station

    close up
  15. Mitre Station

    Mitre Station

    swing out support for the right side
  16. Mitre Station

    Mitre Station

    Storage/Miter station
  17. LeftyTom

    How Much HP for Lock Mitre Bit?

    Can I power a lock mitre bit (1/2" shank) suitably with a 2 1/4 HP router? 4/4 wood is being routed. I am pondering bit additions.
  18. Shop 2

    Shop 2

    Table Saw, Router Table, Dust Collector, Planer, Mitre Saw

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