1. K

    Miter Saw small cutting Jig.

    I have been wanting a better way to cut pieces on my SCMS. I want to do some segmented bowls and wanted to be able to cut the entire board into segments without risking my fingers. From the picture... The lever holds everything in place. The back pieces slide so I can have back support and just...
  2. Bigdog72

    New Miter Bench (In Progress)

    This project has been a long time comin'. It is basically the last piece of shop furniture I have left to build. I still need to build 15' of wall cabinet but that is for next week!! I started with the NYW design and modified to suit my space. Tomorrow I finish the tops, do the edge band and...
  3. W

    Dewalt 12" Miter saw ?

    Has anyone had to change arbor bearings on a Dewalt Chop Saw.My saw is 15 years old and has cut alot of wood over its lifetime and I noticed blade marks on my miters that make it seem like the blade has some side to side movement during the cut.The blade does feel like it can move more than it...
  4. Ken Massingale

    Incra Miter 1000SE $105

    At Amazon
  5. L

    Miter Saw table

    I am in the process of putting together a miter saw work station that will have a 72 inch top. I want to build supports and fences the length of the table. The saw will cut 45 degrees left and right. My question is should I mount the saw in the middle of the station with supports and fences...
  6. Bigdog72

    Miter saw blade

    I am currently using a Dewalt miter saw blade on my Hitachi SCMS. I want to upgrade but I am not sure of brand, no. of teeth, etc. I wonder if I can ask the good people of this wonderful woodworking community to help me with a blade choice. Thanks in advance for rendering a much sought after...
  7. S

    Incra Miter Mod-Custom Handle

    Having a blast with the lathe, and now the new PSI chuck. I am still learning and trying to incorporate these tools into the shop. One recent one, I couldn't get a "handle" on was the Incra Miter SE1000. It didn't feel right. As it "turned" out, the handle didn't fit my hand or my eye. I felt...
  8. ErnieM

    Miter Gage Gloat

    Hi all, It seems the miter gage that came with my ShopFox table saw has an interesting quirk. To set it to 90 degrees, you dial in 94 degrees and then tighten it. As you tighten, the angle slowly changes until it settles in at something approaching 90 degrees. I've put up with this long enough...
  9. Incra 1000se

    Incra 1000se

    My miter gage - photo 2
  10. Incra 1000SE

    Incra 1000SE

    My new miter gage
  11. merrill77

    Ryobi 10" sliding miter saw (TSS100L)

    Anyone have one? Likes? Dislikes? I've been wanting a slider for quick cut-offs in the shop, but the $500 price tag commanded by the Hitachi/PC/Dewalt is a little too much for the convenience. I looked at the Ryobi briefly at HD today ($200). The arm deflection seemed about the same as all...
  12. S

    Incra Miter 100SE -Wee Toy Gloat

    Just got this delivered, Friday. Been wanting one for awhile now!:eusa_danc Sure was worth the wait. Can't wait to try out and use! Any tips,tricks or traps info would be appreciated. Thanks in advance! Matt
  13. S

    INCRA Miter 5000 Sled- Raleigh CL

    Not Mine! Is this a good deal ? Reply to: Date: 2008-10-02, 4:48PM Like new, works great. Location: Apex it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests Original URL:
  14. TV

    Incra MITER1000SE Miter Gauge

    Found this on sale. Looks like a good deal. tv
  15. Douglas Robinson

    Miter Saw more expensive than the Kapex!

    Makita Mitre Saw - $3500 (Raleigh, NC) Makita mitre saw 255 mm (10") Model LS1030N equipped with electric brake. The measuring arms are the Clearmount Mitre Saw Scale System. One stopper and extra blades included. I check Amazon and they...
  16. Shamrock

    Furniture for the workshop-Finished miter saw cabinet!

    Hey folks, After many months I've finally finished my miter saw station. For the Charlotte shop crawl it was close to done but now-well take a look! The cabinet is made from quartersawn red oak and stained with a custom wizard tint color followed by 3 coats of poly. Here's some close ups of the...
  17. davejones

    Improved Factory Miter Gauge

    I was really beginning to notice the shortcomings of the miter gauge that came with my TS. There was upwards of 1/16th of an inch of play between the guide (basically a flat washer) and the slot. The bar itself wasn't this loose, but it moved maybe 1/32nd or so. That error of course is...
  18. Bas

    Mobile multi-functional shop utility convertible fliptop miter saw/ sander stand

    One of the first tools I bought for my shop was a miter saw. This was before I had even gotten into woodworking, I just needed something to cut 2x4's and baseboard. It's actually not a bad saw, but it had two problems: 1. It took up a lot of space on my workbench :no: 2. It produced a lot of...

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