1. J

    Bandsaw Milling of Logs

    So I have a handful of logs in my backyard that were dropped and bucked to 2-5' logs, mostly pines. For fun today I brought a few of them to the 14" bandsaw and milled about 5 of them. A few were ~8" in diameter, two of them were about 10". Here are my spoils from the evening: milled most of...
  2. M

    Piedmont Sustainably Harvested Hard Woods

    Hey all! I am a local Arborist and Contract climber in the Charlotte area. I harvest tree's that were deemed "Unsafe" by certified arborists that would have otherwise ended up being chipped and dumped. I get everything from Black Walnut, Black Cherry, Hickory, Iron Wood, both Red and White Oaks...
  3. J

    Recommendations for Milling near RTP/Durham

    Hello, My neighbor and I have 3 great looking urban red maple logs between 13" and 25" in diameter. They have some spalting so we would like to have them milled and kiln dried. Can anyone recommend or offer services for milling these logs and kiln drying them near the Research Triangle...
  4. Z

    Sycamore, walnut

    Need some suggestions. Recently acquired a large walnut and a sycamore log. We're going to mill but unsure the best strategy. With regards to walnut it was once recommended to me to never get it quarter sawn, but no explanation as to why was offered. The same guy said always plain saw the...
  5. King Size Raised Panel Red Oak Bed

    King Size Raised Panel Red Oak Bed

    The wood came from an old tree in my neighbor's yard. It was well worth the time it took to mill and dry the lumber.
  6. P

    Poplar: worth selling or milling?

    I just had a large poplar cut down and am curious if it is worth selling or having cut into boards. I didn't measure it yet, but it's got a nice straight trunk with no knots for at least 16 to 20 feet. Would make some nice timber, but I have no idea how to proceed. I'm located in central NC...
  7. A

    Milling Help

    I hope to purchase some rough cut lumber in the near future, but have no way of surfacing it. Is there anybody in the area that would be willing to help me surface the lumber when it comes? I have no planer or jointer
  8. S

    anybody with portable milling capabilities?

    A woodworking friend of mine needs to take down two fairly large oaks on his property and I suggested to him he should consider trying to find someone who has a portable milling capabilities to harvest the wood (his dad, a veteran woodworker, things he could get about 900 bf out of them!). He...
  9. froglips

    Milling small box parts from random scrap......

    Whilst working with HOW on making boxes, I think I invented/remembered a neat idea to use up small parts. Short story, Max donated a tone of oak shorts (some as short as 4" long). Great parts for making little boxes....... But, to use box joints and/or router dovetails, we needed some...
  10. scsmith42

    The "Roubo" slab milling event

    Wow - what an incredible day! A number of NCWW members, family and friends gathered at the farm on Saturday to participate in milling up some quartersawn red oak slabs for "Roubo" style workbenches. This event, hosted by NCWW member David Keller and I, utilized two different sawmills, a dried...
  11. Carter log milling jig

    Carter log milling jig

    Carter log milling jig
  12. Carter log milling jig

    Carter log milling jig

    Carter log milling jig
  13. Carter log milling jig

    Carter log milling jig

    Carter log milling jig
  14. Carter log milling jig

    Carter log milling jig

    Carter log milling jig
  15. Carter log milling jig

    Carter log milling jig

    Carter log milling jig
  16. kooshball

    How long to let lumber "relax" after the initial milling before final dimensioning?

    Out of curiosity, how long do you folks let your lumber sit after the initial milling? I have been milling mine just to the point where the lumber is smooth (usually ends up ~1/8" over final thickness) then letting it sit for a week before re-flattening, squaring and milling to the final...
  17. froglips

    Milling polymer.....

    I highly recommend checking out this blog post from Karl Holtey. Be sure to get to the last picture :-) Jim
  18. froglips

    Chat Guest Speaker Transcript: Scott Smith on Milling and QSRO

    View image in gallery First, let me say the biggest THANK YOU Scott!! permitted by the software! Scott was the first ever Guest Speaker on our Thursday night chats. Scott answered questions from logs, veneers, sealing, ponds and even how to build the Guinness Book of World Records most...
  19. woodworker2000

    Raleigh CL - Large Black Walnut Tree (on ground ready for milling)

    Found this on Raleigh CL and thought it might be of some interest to our sawmill owners or anyone with a portable mill. Link: Black walnut tree (raleigh, down town) Date: 2010-02-24, 12:10AM EST Reply to:
  20. The WoodButcher

    Diagonal Milling

    :D Another odd job for the mill. This method of sawing is great for coffee tables, but it is rather hard on the clutch sawing diagonal to the grain of the log. 8)

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