1. D

    Milled kd red oak on Raleigh craigslist

    red oak not mine, but I think it's the same guy I got some nice cherry from, and it's hard to argue with the price. He also has an ad for 75 bd ft.
  2. K

    milled wood

    I have some white oak that I bought from a man with a woodmizer mill. The boards are fairly square to start with but not exact. It is not like buying rough lumber from Woodwurth with at least 1 square face on it. What is the best way for me to start. My oak is flat and straight, no curls, bends...
  3. T

    Beautiful Walnut I Just Had Milled

    Hello everyone, i just wanted to share with yall some photos of these beautiful walnut logs that i had milled this week. It was a big tree (3' in diameter) that was growing in a park in my town and had to be removed. I've just posted a few pictures here, but you can go to my website to see...
  4. NZAPP1

    Milled some wood and turned the model

    As some of you long timers may remember way back when Jeff cut his first turning blank cant from American Elm. But there was a small problem with pith. So today I cut the cant into 7 x 7 x 4 blanks on my new slider. Then on the band saw trimmed them down to 2 3/4 and that removed most of the...

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