1. custom guitar

    custom guitar

    Quilted mahogany body, nec, 2 p90 , one Tele single coil pickups, purplehaert p90 cover and surround,,
  2. custom guitar

    custom guitar

    Koa body, neck telecaster, nitro sunbust finish, hollowed out under Koa pick guard
  3. custom guitar

    custom guitar

    First guitar, semi hollow telecaster,, bookmatched 1/4 Brazilian rosewood top, back,,, 15 pices crap braz. Rswd neck,,
  4. custom guitar

    custom guitar

    My design , semi hollow bookmatched top, back quarter sawn white oak, on reclaimed yellow pine,, poly fin. Body, nitro lac, nec
  5. custom guitar

    custom guitar

    Purple nitro lacquer over 2 piece quilted maple top and back,,, back is dyed red with kingwood center divider,, has 3 piece Koa neck
  6. D

    I guess this would be considered "tool gloat"... (beware of brief rant)

    ...but I had to share with someone because my wife is completely unimpressed. So I am making my largest leap in my woodworking tool maturity by replacing the cornerstone of my shop ... my table saw. For the last 9 years, I have been using a Craftsman Professional 1.75 HP cabinet saw...
  7. Zero Clearance Insert

    Zero Clearance Insert

    Shop made zero clearancnsere it.
  8. Mike Davis

    Finished a bowl and made two spoons (PICS)

    Maybe I'll have time to take some pics tomorrow. :rotflm:
  9. T

    Late but The Christmas gifts I made

    These are wooden rings I made my brother to work out with... he had been wanting me to make them for almost a year .... good thing he made the drive up for Christmas... he was asking for them from the moment he got here... him not knowing I really did make them it was a big surprise.. so far...
  10. T

    Fun with Dados (the 1 gift I made this Christmas)

    My BIL asked for a small utility shelf from Santa he could store his small paint bottles on ( he does some kind of model painting) He gave me basic dimensions and I took some creative liberty from there. I will be giving it to him on Saturday. The strips of wood in the drawer are to keep the...
  11. Truefire

    Wooden tool chest made for specialty tooling

    My wooden tool chest i made for my specialty tooling such as collets, drills, chucks and mandrels. The chest was made out of White Oak and some Poplar for the drawer sides. I wanted to build the chest out of Wormy Chestnut but was unable to find any that was readily available and...
  12. W

    Made a Few Gifts

    I never post much of what I do cause I very rarely remember my camera when it is in process and when I finish a renovation I'm usually very glad to be finished. View image in gallery View image in gallery These were at home projects that I had no excuse not to photograph View image in...
  13. ScottM

    I made the news

    Well I got my name in print any way. Not what you call "fine woodworking" but the work is being done for the right reasons. Two Monday's a month we gather (12 to 17 of us) and assemble blue bird houses. Since the parts are all pre-cut we can make roughly a 1,000 in a single 3.5 hour session...
  14. E

    Home made lathe and articulated arm

    Here are a few pictures from back in April/May when I built my latest lathe. This is about the 5th one that I've done adding improvements each time. Thanks for looking. View image in gallery View image in gallery View image in gallery View image in gallery View image in...
  15. Articulated Arm

    Articulated Arm

    Articulated Arm
  16. Articulated Arm

    Articulated Arm

    Articulated Arm
  17. Articulated Arm

    Articulated Arm

    Articulated Arm
  18. Articulated Arm

    Articulated Arm

    Articulated Arm
  19. Articulated Arm

    Articulated Arm

    Articulated Arm
  20. Articulated Arm

    Articulated Arm

    Articulated Arm

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