1. Artisan Pirate

    Compound Cut "Love You"

    Compound Cut "Love You" Steve Good design uses a piece of pine 2x4 ripped down to proper dimensions. Even though the piece is 1 1/2 inches thick, I still use my number 5 ultra reverse tooth blades for all the cutting. This is an extremely slow cut (about 30 minutes given the minimal detail) take...
  2. Artisan Pirate

    Mothers Day, Scroll Saw Project Video

    Hey Everyone! In this scroll saw project video, we make an amazing piece for Mother's Day 2023! Mothers Day is right around the corner and this Steve Good design is a great way to make something Handmade for your Mother! Hope you all like the video! #ArtisanPirate
  3. merrill77

    I could love this plane

    Last night I finally had some time to play with my new toy - the Veritas Low-Angle Jack Plane. My wife graced me with this, as well as all the optional blades. I've had a pretty good experience with my block and rabbet planes (old Stanleys) and my Veritas Scraping Plane. By my one and only bench...
  4. b4man

    Wishing everyone a happy, peaceful and love filled Holiday

    Be it Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa, Festivus or whatever Celebration we may participate and enjoy during this time of year, keep the faith that the new year will bring us peace, prosperity and more love than we will know what to to with. Cheers to my NCWW family. May you be blessed beyond...
  5. J

    You Gotta Love Rockler

    Got an email offering free shipping on orders over $25. Go to web site and ALL orders ship FREE!
  6. timf67

    Lee Valley: How Do I Love Thee...

    I've always loved Lee Valley because of their customer service and their Veritas product line. They once again impressed me so I thought I would share my experience. The first pleasant surprise was when I got a letter in the mail informing me that they made an improvement to their Veritas...
  7. Jeffhfd

    Just joined and already love it

    :icon_thumHey everyone im new to NC Woodworker but as soon as i can figure out the site im sure this is gonna be loads of fun. Im looking foward to chatting, shareing photos and looking at all the cool things you guys and gals make. Im from the mountains of NC small town called Highlands, I love...
  8. ScottM

    Why I love NCWW

    Scott Smith's recent post reminded me of a post I have been meaning to do. Well back in August when the temps were in the mid 90's I posted an appeal for help moving my shop. In two hours we ate two dozen donuts, drank 10 bottles of water, had some great laughs, and got the job done. Yes here...
  9. J

    Gotta Love Our Son

    Tonight, we had kids over for burgers and dogs. Son says he found something in the dumpster at one of his jobs that I might want. It is a variable speed Fein Multi tool, the model with the flip release. Runs great, but doesn't have any blades. Reluctantly (who heck am I kidding) I agreed to take...
  10. pslamp32

    I love veneer!!!

    So, I've had a few stumbles since buying a press and sliding down the veneer slope but I really love the creativity this discipline allows me! Thanks all for help with my many questions! :gar-Bi Thought I'd post a few pics of what I've been up to in the last few weeks... View image in gallery...
  11. Love Spoons and misc. carvings by cskipper

    Love Spoons and misc. carvings by cskipper

    Love spoons and misc. carvings by cskipper
  12. DIYGUY

    Would I ever love to have this in my shop!

    Sadly, it not only won't physically fit, it won't fit in the budget either. Talk about a one-of-a-kind treasure though! Things as beautiful as this simply do not happen along all that often ...
  13. Mike Davis

    Sharing the love of alcohol.

    Got this letter from a friend in Alaska. Hey, After you sent the link about using alcohol to quick cure bowls I tried it. I turned 4 green wood bowls around the 20th of March, and processed them like the article stated except the weighing part. I have let them dry until today and...
  14. rcflyer23

    I think I'm falling in Love

    Last night I had a chance to mess around with one of my hand planes I bought at an Antique show a few weeks back. I have done nothing to it yet I just wanted to play with it and see if I could figure the thing out. What a ton of fun. I can't wait to get both of them tuned up and use them on...
  15. flatheadfisher

    I Love My Saw

    I haven't made anything "fine" using my new G0690 yet. However I spent the day working on a chicken tractor. I wanted to use up as much scrap and reclaimed wood as possible. I was able to rip several 2" x 6" x 14' boards in seconds. My old saw was so unstable that I wouldn't have tried it...
  16. G

    Gotta love it !!

    Today I had the pleasure of shake the hand of Rick DiNardo. What a great guy. My wife, my youngest son and I went for a drive out to the Woodworking Source in search of material for my oldest son to begin his electric guitar project. We were greeted and welcomed into their establishment with...
  17. HMH

    my "new" jointer - gotta' love the clasics

    Hey folks, As made evident by a few of my posts regarding some of my other tool rebuilds, I have a thing for "vintage" tools, and am slowly but surely setting up shop with stationary tools exclusively from the golden age of cast iron. I spent the better part of last weekend finishing the...
  18. D

    I love a good deal!

    Hi all, Partial gloat/partial FYI here... was in Lowes to pick up a couple small items and saw a Kobalt 17 gallon air compressor (model f217hkl) on clearance. The tag indicated it was down from $199 to $139, but when I got it up to the register, it was only $80! :wsmile: Got this from the...
  19. Love spoons and unfinished relief carving

    Love spoons and unfinished relief carving

    Love spoon and unfiished relief carving. Several from Basswood, one from Curly Maple, Butternut and QS Sycamore
  20. Celtic carved Love Spoon with arched handle

    Celtic carved Love Spoon with arched handle

    Celtic weave Love spoon with curved handle carved from Basswood.

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