1. uncledavid

    Hello Everyone... Just joined this week.

    :saw:Hi .... My name is David and live in Hillsborough. I found this site by accident and was really impressed so far by what I've seen. I was introduced to woodworking by an older gentleman, Alan Austin, from Durham while working in a carpentry shop. I enjoy woodworking but by no means a...
  2. J

    Need help getting wood joined, ripped

    Hi everyone. I am new to this site and looking for some help. I am building a custom bar in my house. I bought some nice 3/4" oak boards for cabinet face, base board, trim, etc. The boards are planed well, but not exactly square down the edges. Need some help to get these edges straight and then...
  3. D

    just joined

    Hello. I just joined today. I have lived in NC for the past four years. I would consider my self a beginner in woodworking. It is a nice change from my other Don
  4. Jeffhfd

    Just joined and already love it

    :icon_thumHey everyone im new to NC Woodworker but as soon as i can figure out the site im sure this is gonna be loads of fun. Im looking foward to chatting, shareing photos and looking at all the cool things you guys and gals make. Im from the mountains of NC small town called Highlands, I love...
  5. Knothole

    Just joined today....

    Hello Everyone, Have been away from woodworking for a few years pursuing another hobby of mine (guns). I recently bought a 1911 Centennial pistol that came in a nice new Walnut presentation box....can you see where this is going? I was on the internet Sat looking for some additional info on...
  6. wrwilder

    Missed introducing myself when I joined

    I don't know how I missed this but I never introduced myself when I joined the NCWW. I'm Ray Wilder. I live south of Raleigh off Penny Rd. I've been woodworking for about 40+ years and I still love it as much as I did when I first started. I love building furniture for my grandkids and...
  7. Jim M.

    Today I joined an unfortunate club (long)

    Today I joined an unfortunate club in that I’m now missing a portion of my thumb due to a power tool accident. I was working on my table saw and jointer/planer dressing a few boards for a small project and as most stories go “ I was on my last board”. Making my last pass when it began to kick...
  8. S

    What is the 34706 secret handshake?

    Got it. The 34706. It fit in the trunk of my Volvo 240 (with the spare tire relocated). I have already busted/stripped my first handle on the tool rest but I am very, very happy with this bad boy. First thing I did was load up 360 pounds of cement bags and after reinforcing the frame with...
  9. boxxmaker

    Just joined up

    Hi My name is ken aka boxxmaker .I live in tampa for the winter :gar-Cr,then its back to NC for the summer :gar-La;.I have a house an cabin right on top the mountain (almost) in Whittier,thats right outside the Cherokee reservation.Thats where I do most of my woodworking,where I make mostly...
  10. wdkits1

    Just joined this board

    Hi everyone My name is Mike Mathieu and I live in Midlothian,Va. I've been woodworking for 20+ years and am the owner of Woodworking Plus. I specialize in creating Intarsia project kits, commissioned intarsia, custom woodworks and furniture repair and refinishing. I lived in Roxboro NC for 10...
  11. 6

    Just joined

    and wanted to say hi. Just been searching through all the info and look forward to learning even more. I'm an architect in Asheville and in the middle of building my house so I get to do all kinds of different woodworking, one day I'll get back to making furniture. So this place has been great...
  12. MikeH

    Possible spammer just recently joined...

    I just looked at KaiyureBoy's profile and thought his email address was odd. I did a quick google search and found a couple entries stating that this email address and username had been used to sign up on multiple forums for possible spam. We might want to hold off on approving this member...
  13. SteveColes

    Bill Pentz just joined

    Bill Pentz just joined. Let's keep him as active as possible. I would like to see him monitoring the on a regular basis
  14. W

    Just joined, thought I'd say hello.

    I joined yesterday and haven't done much with the site yet. I guess I have some updating to do and I need to find some pictures. Everyone is talking about wood sources. Does anyone have any time sources, because I could use more time to get to some woodworking? Walt Milowic
  15. V

    Just Joined

    Hello, my name is Vern. Just joined , I live in Elliston, Virginia and travel frequently in Nc. I am a sales rep for a bank subsiidiary specializing in manufactured home lending. I am a confessed tool-aholic.I have been piddling with woodworking for about 20 years and find it to be my main...
  16. S

    Just Joined

    My wife and I love woodworking but, don't get enough time to enjoy our hobby. We live in Forest City but, I work for a large Electrical contractor and have been living in Anderson, S.C. for the past 2-1/2 years and only coming home on the weekends and I have another 2 years to go. She is into...

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