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  3. D

    Valentines Day sale ideas

    My schools (East Carolina University) art department is having a Valentines day sale coming up. The wood design department is encouraged to have things in there as our department is sort of on the chopping block to get desolved into sculpture :gar-Cr So any ideas of some small things I could...
  4. allisnut

    Delta Contractor Saw Fence Ideas

    I have an older Delta Contractors Table Saw with the 'old style' fence with round rails on the front and back of the saw. What can be done to improve the fence, without buying a better system? I'm going to try to clean and lubricate the fence tonight, but it has been hard to slide back and...
  5. Rhythm House Drums

    Looking for ideas of joinery

    I added a photo to try and help explain what I'm after. I have a new idea for a drum but not sure how the joinery will work. I will essentially have two hollow forms, a barrel and a cone that I want to join into one piece. I've done this before with a much less aggressive angle and just used...
  6. W

    Dust Collector setup ideas needed!

    Getting to the point where I need to add some DC to my work area. I've been using my shop vac connected to the port for my table saw and nothing on the blade guard. But as you know that doesn't work too well, still lots of dust all over the place. My space is small (12x24) and is shared as...
  7. J

    Different Ideas, Same Results

    Each saw blade manufacturer has their own idea of what is best in terms of tooth spacing, and geometry. Going through my saw blade collection, I realized I had four (4) blades specifically for cutting melamine. Two are triple chip blades, and the other two are HAB (high alternate bevel.) I don't...
  8. PChristy

    Any ideas on how to...

    A friend of mine wants me to make one of these for his mother's birthday - which is July 17th:swoon: - View image in gallery View image in gallery any ideas on how to cut out the concave sections of this - remember I have very little no heavy woodworking tools - Am I looking at a heavy...
  9. Mike Davis

    Future Workshop Ideas?

    Bill Clemmons has graciously extended the offer to use his shop for more workshops. I am open to the idea and look forward to contributing in any way I can. So, what would you like to learn and/or what would you like to teach? I know some of you have great skills in woodworking as well as...
  10. HMH

    Handheld router dust collection ideas

    We all have vacuum/ DC connections on our saws, jointers, planers, sanders, etc, but what do you do for your handheld routers, (other than buy a Festool :wink_smil)? I have a couple PC 690's that are my go to for most handheld use, but they can really kick out the dust. Apparently Porter...
  11. kooshball

    Ideas for joining a workbench top to the legs (Schwartz inspired)

    My first real woodworking workbench build is well under way with the most of the design input coming from Schwartz' latest book. I have created a Mongrel of sorts as I have combined different design elements, vise types, and construction materials. Without a drawing the best description of my...
  12. S

    lathe storage cabinet ideas?

  13. Bugle

    Broken Chair...need ideas

    I need suggestions on how to repair this broken chair...lag screw?, dowel? I know there are plenty of experts here, so I appreciate the professional advice. Here's what it looks like now: Top: Bottom:
  14. merrill77

    xmas ideas for your young wizards and witches

    Looking for xmas gift ideas? Here's the magic wand I made for my nephews upcoming birthday. This is probably a lot easier if you have a lathe, but I was able to do most of it on my router table. A few minutes with some carving chisels and several coats of finish later...presto! BTW, if anyone...
  15. S

    Ideas for linear rolling shelves?

    I'm soliciting design and hardware ideas to facilitate linear motion of small stacks of cubbies. The end goal is that three independently movable sets of shelves can slide out of the way to provide access to the fixed set of cubby shelves behind them. Hopefully the pictures make my intentions...
  16. danmart77

    Filling Grain and Finish ideas

    Its a funny thing how interests out there vary. I have received more pm's than ever with questions about how I finished some walnut on a recent project. I guess the joinery and construction is more obvious?? I must confess, I am surprised after reading many times how much folks do not like...
  17. NCTurner

    Need sharpening station ideas.

    A recent CL acquisition has led this gem to my shop. I envision a new sharpening station and tool rack. Looking for some input and ideas, so what would you do? I have a bench grinder with wolverine setup, a WS3000, buffing wheel, 1x42 sander, and might want to add glass plates. Note not all...
  18. Trent Mason

    Router table ideas?

    Hi everyone, Two weekends ago I managed to get enough motivation to move an entire mountain range managed to clean up the shop. :gar-La; In the process, I ended up with some more usable space. I have the el cheapo Ryobi Router and RT at the moment. Currently, there's not a whole lot of $$$ in...
  19. b4man

    Need ideas for a small NCwoodworker sign

    I want to have a NCWW logo sign of some sort at the Heartstrings Memory Walk to put on the table where we will distribute the angels. Does anyone have suggestions as to how and where I can get one printed? I think a 8" x 24" would work well. The table is a standard folding banquet type...
  20. froglips

    Club turn-n-learn, ideas.....

    Thought I'd throw out a few questions to those of you with vast experience in the spiny world of turning :-) Coming up in October, HOW (Hillsborough Orange Woodworkers) will embark upon its most ambitious endeavor to date. Second only to my failed plan to build a 60 foot tall Queen Anne...

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