1. Perry Gardner

    Hello guys and gals if it applies

    My name is Perry, age 52, I live in the eastern part of the state. I am a construction supt and love to work in my shop. Looking forward to reading about new ideas and making new aquaintances. By the way my spelling sucks at times.[MAD][/MAD] HELLO, and yes I am a Pirate.
  2. nelsone

    In case you guys thought I quit WW'ing...

    Here's a tray I put together for a good friends wedding shower. I did the rose over a year ago with the intent of using it in a different project.
  3. PChristy

    uhh guys I have a big mess (round3)update

    Getting tired of trying to get up enough money to build a bigger one so I decided to renovate the one I have - I told my wife after reading some of the accidents and close calls that have happened to some others in a cluttered small shop - I will not be doing any wood work for awhile now Got it...
  4. scsmith42

    Any local computer guys want to do a trade?

    I have a Dell desktop PC that needs to have two Linksys wireless camera's provisioned to it. It will need a wireless Linksys card added as well (I have the card and software, and the camera's). The system is up to date on the OS patches (Windows XP). I started to provision the camera's myself...
  5. Truefire

    Any of you guys turn turkey pot calls? supply inquiry

    Hey guys, any of you hanging out here in the woodturner's forum section, turn turkey pot calls? I am looking for some wooden soundboards and was wondering if you had any good sources or if any of you produce your own? I understand the simplicity in producing one's own, however sometimes going...
  6. Gotcha6

    How do you guys feel about this post?

    Thread is about teaching others in your shop and the inherent hazards involved. Ethan seems to have diverted it into a rant on insurance companies.
  7. Vetteman9956

    Ok Guys here's your craigslist deal of the day

    Actually Theres 2 of them 1. Bench Sander - $200 Date: 2010-07-22, 7:58PM EDT Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] Tool Craft model 335A, Serial # 19903, 1/2 hp motor, mounted on 2 1/2' X 4' table, extra belts it's NOT ok to contact this...
  8. PChristy

    I have a problem guys(more pictures)

    This is a swivel jewelery box - I made another one for NCTurner last year - The problem I have is with the top = It has a 1/4 rod down through one end and the top is setting on top of the rod - this is the front of the box - see where the top is setting close to the top drawer? View image in...
  9. PChristy

    Hey Camera guys do you know

    any thing about this brand I have been wanting one for a loooooooonnggggggg time and seen this one - any thoughts?
  10. T

    Anyone ever use these guys?,... They seem to have some great pricing
  11. PChristy

    Hey guys look what I got in

    my shop tonight :banana: Got it off of CL View image in gallery View image in gallery
  12. PChristy

    Any of you guys need a GPS

    Don't know the name brand - might be a pretty good deal:dontknow:
  13. PChristy

    Any of you computer guys need one of these
  14. N

    Hey Guys...

    Hey guys just wanted to introduce myself... I was recently looking for a table saw on CL and a guy emailed me and told me to check out this site... I'm not super new to wood working but I took some time off due to losing my workshop and having to move into a small garage. Doing that I had to...
  15. PChristy

    Hey Guys

    I just noticed that I have been a member for a year on the 7th - wow time flies:elvis: I sure have enjoyed being here and making new friends and learning more about wood working:icon_thum thanks everyone for helping me:eusa_danc
  16. PChristy

    What am I doing wrong guys???

    The last few bowls I have turned I tried using a jam chuck that I made out of a piece of Dogwood = I made it round - rounded off the edges on the end - I seen where some ppl use leather on the end and I have seen some use sand paper put in between the chuck and the bowl for gripping - I have...
  17. Joe Scharle

    Hey Lumber Guys!

    I need a lid for this box. If any of you that are bringing lumber to the picnic can spare some maple for the top (26" X 30"), I'd love to take it home. I gave the finished size in case you only have cutoffs. 6 BF will do it.
  18. PChristy

    Sorry guys but....

    I am confused about preparing a log for turning a bowl - I understand the sealing part - but spliting the log is where I am confused - Some have told me when I split the log down the middle I should have three pieces - the third being the pith - correct? How do I know what the pith looks like? I...
  19. JOAT

    DIY Cannoe, For Guys With No Tools

    This is about as basic as it gets. Looks like it could be a fun project. Personally I don't favor canoes, too tippy for me, I want something wide enough to stretch out on the seat and take a nap.
  20. Sharp Blade

    You guys choose for me!

    Okay, I have $1000.00 coming back from the IRS. I NEED a bandsaw. I have narrowed it down to two choices: The Rikon 14" @ 749.99 or the Grizzly 14" G0555 @ $511.50 with freight. Getting the Grizzly would allow me to purchase some decent hardwood for some projects I have in mind and maybe...

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