1. CommGuy107

    Osborne EB-3 Miter Guide

    I looked through some old threads and found mixed reviews. As Osborne has continued to modify their guides, has anyone had a good/bad/so-so experience with a later model? Here's the LATEST.
  2. miter paring jig

    miter paring jig

    I made the guide to fit 3/4 stock with a centered 1/4 inch wide panel groove. The guide has a tongue that rides in the groove and can be clamped in vise to hold it securely for paring the miter. In this illustration the inner groove wall of the rail will not be mitered so the tenon shoulder is...
  3. miter paring jig

    miter paring jig

    Miter paring guide shown where it mates with the rail or stile to be mitered.
  4. miter paring jig

    miter paring jig

    Photos show a small paring guide for mitering the moulding on frame and panel door stiles and rails. I made the guide to fit 3/4 stock with a centered 1/4 inch wide panel groove. The guide has a tongue that rides in the groove and can be clamped in vise to hold it securely for paring the miter.
  5. miter paring jig

    miter paring jig

    Miter paring guide set up to pare the outer molding. Normally the unit would be gripped in a vise to hold it steady.
  6. manfre

    PRO-Grip™ Adjustable Guide System

    PRO-Grip™ Adjustable Guide System 35 % Off Regular Price Of $134.99 E-Direct Price $87.74
  7. Rhythm House Drums

    laser guide for table saw

    So I make lots of cone shaped forms. It consists of cutting slats of wood at an angle on the tablesaw. My process now is to measure the size of the stave at the top, mark it, and at the bottom. I then draw a straight line to connect the marks. I set up my angle jig by sighting down the line...
  8. zapdafish

    horizontal router guide

    Festool has some freakin nice but expensive ideas. Anyone know if its possible to rig up something like this for a porter cable 690 router? I will be edging something too big to run through a router table. I was going to use handplanes and sandpaper to get them flush but I really like this method.
  9. dlrion

    Hexagonal Guide Support for Band Saw

    When I put the riser block on Mike Davis/Roberts Saw, it came with a conversion kit that fit it for a Jet Saw, except the Guide support on a Jet Saw is round with groove to keep it from spinning. The Guide for this saw is Hexagonal.... similiar to the old Craftsman saws. no problem for me 1/2...
  10. Olson saw blade guide

    Olson saw blade guide

  11. Ride on Saw Guide

    Ride on Saw Guide

  12. Saw Guide

    Saw Guide

  13. rick7938

    Using Router Template Guide

    I am about to tackle my first project using a router template guide. I have used pattern bits and flush trim bits for years, but never a template guide. My question: My bit is 1/4" carbide spiral bit. I have a choice of a template guide with 9/32" ID or 1/4" ID. Does it matter which I use? I...
  14. B

    Bandsaw Tune-Up Guide

    Hey everyone, I recently bought a delta 28-276 14" bandsaw (my first woodworking tool - $150 bucks :) ) and was searching online for information to help get it running right. Many people have suggested Mark Duginske's book on bandsaws, so I googled it and actually came up with a...
  15. I

    All in one clamp guide

    Rockler had a 3 pack last week, they have the 50" on sale for $29.99. Looks like a decent deal: Happy New Year to everybody IJ Cary, NC
  16. rick7938

    Tool Guide 911

    My next door neighbor's son stepped on and demolished my Tru-Grip 24" Clamp and Tool Guide today. From looking on the web, it appears that these clamps are no longer made. I bought an All-in-One 36" from Woodcraft a while back, but it doesn't seem to clamp as smoothly or securely as my...
  17. merrill77

    Chris's guide to spalting maple

    Ok, maybe guide is too strong a word :> This is how I did it...completely unintentionally: Cut down healthy maple tree in winter Saw into firewood sized pieces Put on firewood rack and cover with tarp to keep the rain off Do not check to see if the tarp stays on (I think this step may be...
  18. JOAT

    An Idiot's Guide To Cane Making

    Or, in other words, almost anyone can make a wooden cane, it ain't rocket science. Decided to make another spare cane. First one was of oak flooring, planed to 1/2"X1" and glued so I've got a cane 1"X1", nicely sturdy, not really heavy, well balanced. This one will be like my present cane...
  19. T

    Laguna Ceramic Guide Kit $75 off

    Laguna tools are offering us a $75 discount on their Ceramic guide kit for Bandsaws. These appear to be well made and should fit most bandsaws. We get $75 off the $280 plus free shipping, All machined aluminum w/Ceramic inserts for less resistance and wear. Looks like a good deal. thought I,d...
  20. Len

    Japanese Marking Guide Question

    I picked up a set of marking guides at a neighbors 'moving sale'. He said they came from Garrett-Wade, so I did some poking around and found them at: What I found interesting was the note on the web page about the markings...

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