1. Barry W

    New from the Beautiful Foothills of North Carolina

    Hi everyone, I am Barry from the foothills area near Winston-Salem, Greensboro and Mt. Airy. I am, of course, new to NCWW and to woodworking and am fortunate that I have found your forum. I have had an interest in woodworking for quite a while but have not had the time or a building to work...
  2. G

    Rough Cut Walnut and 2 pieces hard pine for stair treads & other workshop items

    I am emptying out a workshop and looking for the best place and manner to sell everything in it. I could use some help in knowing how to price some of the items and then I could use help knowing where and how to post items to sell. My apologies if I'm using incorrect online etiquette. I am in...
  3. Bill Clemmons

    Greensboro lunch QUESTION ?

    As many members in the Piedmont Triad area know, a group of us meet once a month for lunch in Greensboro. It's the third Thursday of each month. But we realize many members have to work, and can't make a weekday lunch. So here's the QUESTION? If we occasionally (say once a quarter, or...
  4. Mike Davis

    Pony Express from Raleigh/points North to Greensboro

    I need to move a couple small items from Fred P to Greensboro area. Anyone headed this way? Mod, please move this to Pony Express forum. I can't get in there.
  5. Bill Clemmons

    Greensboro lunch this Thursday (19th) FOLLOW-UP

    Hey y'all, it's that time again: our "third-thursday-of-the-month" lunch in Greensboro. For anyone not familiar w/ our regular lunch gatherings, it's open to any woodworker that wants to come. It's very informal. Just a bunch of us having lunch and talking about woodworking (mostly). Where...
  6. Rob

    2011 Greensboro Turning Symposium

    Finally got around to uploading my pictures from the Symposium, enjoy. 2011 Greensboro Turning Symposium - NC Woodworker Photo Galleries Demo
  7. Bill Clemmons

    Greensboro lunch time

    Well, it's been a month since our last get-together, where we learned all about SketchUp. Our next scheduled luncheon is this Thursday, the 15th at The Moose Cafe. See you there. :eusa_danc Bill
  8. Bill Clemmons

    Greensboro lunch changed

    Just wanted to remind all those who attend the monthly lunch group in Greensboro that it's changed for this month only. We'll be meeting at 5:30 Thursday night (17th) for a SketchUp presentation by Amy Dowden, followed by dinner, instead of our normal lunch. Our next luncheon will be the third...
  9. A

    CLT at Wood Turning Symposium - Greensboro

    Anyone going up there? I'd like some largish Marble Wood Blanks and would be glad to give you some money tonight or meet you at an exit of 85. Would chip in for your gas if you're going.
  10. Bill Clemmons

    SketchUp presentation in Greensboro, Nov. 17

    Amy Dowden has generously offered to make a presentation on SketchUp (free 3D modeling software) for Woodworkers in Greensboro next month. This will be the same presentation she did for the TWA group in Raleigh last week. For those who normally attend the Greensboro lunches on the third...
  11. Bill Clemmons

    Time for another Greensboro lunch!

    Yep, it 's been almost a month since our last lunch, and time for another one. How about 11:30 this Thursday (Oct. 20) at The Moose Cafe in Greensboro? Come join us if you can. :icon_cheers Bill
  12. bluthart

    Greensboro Lumber Run

    In case you haven't seen the earlier post from a few weeks ago... I will be in the Greensboro area this Friday, Sept 16th from between 2 and 3:00 pm with some wood for sale. I have some room left so if anyone wants anything it is as follows... 5/4 Red Oak - 5ft lengths @ $2.00 BF. Approx...
  13. Bill Clemmons

    Hey Greensboro, how about some lunch?

    This Thursday (15th) at The Moose cafe, 11:30. If you're anywhere in the Triad area, we'd love to have you join us at lunch this Thursday. It's an informal gathering of woodworkers from the area just having lunch together. Hope to see ya there. :eusa_danc Bill
  14. blazeman45

    PE from Fayteville Area to Greensboro

    I bought the clamps listed on here by Geoff (Bigdog72). He works in Fayetville area and I live just south of Greensboro. Was curious if anyone is heading up this way in the next week. If so, a PE would be greatly appreciated. Thanks to all!! Steve
  15. b4man

    PE from Greensboro to Youngsville

    Or Burlington, Gibsonville area east. Sawduster needs his chainsaw :)
  16. bluthart

    UPDATE - Greensboro Wood Run

    Most of the lumber I had was taken to a High School in Davidson. I still have some nice stuff for sale though. I still have some 4/4 Poplar in 5' lengths, and some gorgeous 5/4 red oak in 5' lengths. This is nice straight, flat, kiln dried wood, in 5' lengths. Widths vary from 5" to 10"...
  17. Bill Clemmons

    REMINDER - Greensboro lunch this Thursday !

    Just a reminder that our monthly Greensboro lunch is scheduled for this Thursday, the 18th. Where: The Moose Cafe Time: 11:30 At our last get together we decided we wanted to do two things at future meetings. First, we'd welcome an occasional program. To my knowledge, no one has lined...
  18. L

    Greensboro Electrician for 240V line

    I've had an electrician over this week for an estimate on installing a 240V garage outlet [NEMA 6-50 plug] and rearranging some breakers in my service panel. Just now realized that along with checking I should ask the local NCWW'ers if there's any certified electricians here in...
  19. T

    ridgid EB4424 oscillating edge belt sander (greensboro - ebay)

    someone might be able to get a good deal on this.... It is not worth the drive for me but heck it say make a offer and he does not want to ship.... might be worth a try for someone...
  20. L

    Greensboro CL: 2 antique drill presses

    Not mine, etc. Looked like the kinda thing a few of the NCWW folks would like, from a suburb NW of Greensboro. Personally I have NO idea if they're a good deal, but I've seen little antique cherry pitters sell for this much at antique auctions...

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