1. Rick M

    Any draftsman?

    If so you'll recognize these tools by Alvin I picked up for a song. A beam compass, part of another beam compass or trammel points, compass, knife, proportional dividers and TWO equal spacing dividers; all for less than the value of proportional dividers alone. Seller had $50 or best offer, I...
  2. Puzzle Boxes

    Puzzle Boxes

    pattern courtesy of SSW&C
  3. Delta ScrollSaw

    Delta ScrollSaw

    DW788 Clone
  4. MikeH

    Slight tool gloat...double gloat

    I've had a Ryobi regular grinder for a while now and I got the Oneway Wolverine jig a while back, but it's always turned too fast and I've had to be creative when I sharpen my tools especially my gouges for turning. Well I decided to take advantage of the Woodcraft sale on the slow speed grinder...
  5. D

    "Holly-wood" gloat

    Everytime I talked about cutting down this holly tree, my wife would break into a chorus rif of "Hollywood.... ta ta ta ta ta ta ta, Hollywood....!" :banana: Anyway, my neighbor and I took it down yesterday. It was sitting smack-dab on our two property lines, so we each get half the tree...
  6. gdoebs

    Festool Gloat and Woodcraft rewards!

    Picked up my christmas present, a Festool Kapex! Setup was easy and I LOVE the way it cuts. I bought it at Woodcraft in Greensboro. The manager signed me up for Woodcraft rewards which gives you 4% back (I assume as a Woodcraft gift card?). He said he's going to continue doing it on Festool...
  7. MarkE

    A shaper gloat and some questions

    Picked up this shaper from Ron (yellowfins) on Wednesday. A big Thank You to Ron. View image in gallery Haven't done anything with it yet, except get it into the shop. Only took this one picture to satisfy the 'rules'. :gar-Bi I am planning to use it with my larger router bits for now...
  8. timf67

    It's Here! Caution - New Lathe Gloat

    Well, during my lunch break, UPS freight delivered my 850 lb bundle of joy! I was a little nervous when it arrived with forklift fork holes in it: But it looks like the forks missed everything inside luckily! Here's my first look at her: And the smartest accessory that I ordered...
  9. Rob

    Ambrosia Maple Gloat

    Thanks goes to Nate for coming over to help today. I had a maple tree dropped at my house a couple weeks ago and finally got it all cut up, almost every log was ambrosia.
  10. Eric Laudenbacher

    Tool Gloat

    Back in August my Wilton mini lathe decided to give out as I was turning some pens for a charity in OH. When my wife got home she decided to take me tool shopping and picked out and bought the Steel City granite mini lathe. It has more hp, rpms and length. It turned out to be my anniversary and...
  11. Ken Kimbrell

    2fer Wood Gloat!

    The reason this ends up being a 2fer gloat is because several weeks back, just after buying my HF lathe, the Winston-Salem CL had a post for some free cypress so I got a pickup load, but didn't post it because my skills were close to zero... in other words, if I could not put it to good use then...
  12. Bugle

    Minor wood gloat

    My nephew is a project manager for a construction company. As you know, contractors sometimes waste a lot of materials. They installed an Australian Cypress floor in a new home recently and were going to THROW AWAY :BangHead: the left over flooring. He couldn't stand to see it go to the...
  13. Rob

    Monster Gloat

    I just received my monster hollowing set up last week. Finally got a chance to try it out. So far I love it. Saves my arms and shoulders from being beat up. Though the laser pointer, I'm not sure I have it set up right, keeps moving. Walnut hollow form I'm working on now. Not sure how it...
  14. Mike Davis

    Burl Maple Gloat

    I spent the day Saturday working on that tree stump that Tom helped with a couple weeks ago. I dug under enough to find the root holding it in. Cut across the main roots of the other sections and finally had to get a tractor to push it a little. All thee pieces loaded in the truck...
  15. gesiak

    New Workbench (Gloat)

    Landed this for $100. Owner was selling because he did not want to take it along on his move to Florida. Top is from an old bowling lane, 2 1/4" thick, 44" wide and 74" long. Came with 2 Columbian undermount vises, those alone are worth over the $100 I paid.
  16. sawduster

    Thanx jhreed ( gloat )

    James posted a CL ad he stumbled across and as a result I have a new toyl :gar-Bi View image in gallery Barely used ...probably not an hour on it :icon_cheers Not bad for 100 dead presidents :eusa_danc Was located right on my way home from work too :cool: thanx for the head's up James...
  17. blazeman45

    Csms gloat

    Been looking at buying a new miter saw for sometime as my 10 year old Dewalt 12" is well worn. After months of debating.... I found a deal to good to pass on. Lowes had all their miter saws 15% off. Sooo.. I went to Home Depot and asked them would they beat Lowes by 10%. The manager said they...
  18. Rob

    Wood Gloat

    Earlier this week Nate, a friend and fellow member, contacted me about a maple tree that fell down near Sanford. The guy needed some help cutting it up and hauling it away. So Nate, Chris from the Raleigh Turning Guild, and I spent the morning cutting. And I'm glad I did. It was curly from...
  19. CDPeters

    Update: I'm Back - Tool Gloat

    Well...... As you will recall, I had a Grizz G1023RLW on (back)order. I just couldn't wait and after looking at all the spec sheets and reviews here on NCWW, I decided to switch to the (in-stock) G0690. And I picked it up at UPS yesterday. Sorry, no pics yet (the Spring cleaning is still not...
  20. timf67

    PM2000 Gloat!

    Not sure how many of you saw the PM2000 posted for sale on this site by Tom Hintz, but let's just say that it was a steal! I got a PM2000, 3hp cabinet saw with 52" fence, workbench side table, several ZCI's, and a riving knife for the embarrasingly low price of $700! :embaresse :swoon: I did...

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