1. Mike Davis

    Klingspor and Foothills Heritage Farm

    Attention: are you a woodworker that would be interested in helping to restore a historic farm in the Wilkes County, NC area??? There's a wide variety of needs, from wooden door hinges to building a pounding mill & more!! Check out project at Foothills Heritage Farm, Inc. . Let Coleman...
  2. J

    Southern Farm Show Feb 1.2.&3

    The Southern Farm Show returns to the NC State Fairgrounds the first week of February. If you have had thoughts (dreams) of owning a bandsaw mill, this it the show for you. Usually there are three or four vendors, showing their wares.
  3. J

    Southen Farm Show Feb 2-4

    The Southern Farm Show returns to the State Fair Grounds next week. One of the vendors of interest is the band saw mills. If you ever want to see them in action, this is the place.
  4. rcflyer23

    Designing/Prototyping Farm House Clock

    I haven't spent hardly any time in the shop this summer and the cooler weather this week has made me really want to get out there so I went out and slapped this together in a couple of hours. I like where it is and the wife likes it now I just have to decide if I want to do anything else to it...
  5. M

    Finishing a reclaimed pine farm table

    Good morning, I am relatively new to woodworking and am close to completing my first large project, a reclaimed pine farm table. My wife and I purchased the reclaimed pine in very rough shape and milled it down for the table top. Even after planing and jointing the wood has a very antique...
  6. scsmith42

    The newest member of the farm family

    Last April Laureen acquired a rescue donkey, and named her "Lilly" (as in Easter Lilly). Fast forward to December, when it appeared that Lilly was really packing it on. Hmm.... I wonder... no, it couldn't be.... yup shore nuff.... she's pregnant. We have no idea who the daddy is... must have...
  7. Farm Style Table

    Farm Style Table

  8. W

    Farm house table plans

    Would like to get plans on building farm style dining room table.Have acquired some wormy chestnut and want to build that style of table with a bench.New to the site looked around and could not find any
  9. Horne Creek

    Horne Creek

  10. Horne Creek

    Horne Creek

  11. Horne Creek

    Horne Creek

  12. Horne Creek

    Horne Creek

  13. JackLeg

    Farm Show?

    Anyone planning to attend the Farm Show next week? I plan to be there on Friday with a farmer buddy. Moderators: Didn't know where to put this since OT is gone. Please adjust as needed. Thanx. :wsmile:
  14. 1950's 4 Wheeler

    1950's 4 Wheeler

    This farm-made mowing machine was built by my uncle in the early 1950's. A majority of the parts came from war surplus army trucks. There is an article about it, in the June 1953 issue of the Country Gentleman magazine. The mower has 4 wheel drive, 4 wheel steering, and independent 4 wheel...
  15. J

    Southern Farm Show Jan 30- Feb 1

    Yes, I know most here aren't farmers, but the farm show has the largest collection of band saw mills in this area. Usually, Northern Tools has a booth, with discount coupons for use in their stores. Location- NC State Fair grounds in Raleigh
  16. J

    Southern Farm Show

    The Southern Farm Show will be held at the NC State Fairgrounds, Jan 31-Feb 2. Hours are 9-4 each day. There are usually several vendors of bandsaw mills there. Last year, Woodmizer, Hud-Son, and Baker showed, along with a couple of others whom I don't remember. Northern Tools usually has a...
  17. John Reeves

    Tearing down an old barn on the farm

    I am finding poplar and pine. about 100 years old. I have the pine sold. does anyone have any suggestions re. poplar? I plan to store it and use it for upcomming projects (with my new Rigid TS). I am learning about WW so all help is appreciated.
  18. Phil

    old wooden farm tools

    does anyone know of plans for old wood farm tools such as hay rake and pitchfork?

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