1. K

    Seek: shop to fab wagon parts

    I'm looking for a shop or individual that can help fabricate parts for an antique wagon restoration.. Any leads would be most welcome. Mark in Kernersville NC
  2. U

    Seek: shop to fab wagon parts

    I have an antique wagon I am restoring and am looking for a shop or someone that could replicate parts that need to be replaced.. Any leads or help would be most welcome Mark in Kernersville yankneurop@aol.com
  3. Bas

    From slab to fab

    Chris, a friend of mine is redoing his stairs. After installing a few Oak treads from Lowe's, he decided he didn't like them very much, especially not at that price. So he asked if I could help him fabricate some. First "external" project, whoohoo! :wsmile: Jeff was going to get me some 5/4...

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