1. Extension Table with Outfeed

    Extension Table with Outfeed

    Extension Table with Outfeed
  2. Extension Table

    Extension Table

    Extension Table
  3. allisnut

    Table Saw Extension

    I finally quit changing my mind back and forth long enough to build an extension for my delta contractors saw. The top is destined for a New Yankeeish router cabinet, but fits the table extension for now. Comments welcome! Adam
  4. JCraig

    Cast Iron Extension Table

    I recently purchased at Delta 36-650 Contractors Saw. I have been trying to locate some CI Ext. Tables. Would anyone have any suggestion as to where I might find these. I was able to get this saw at a really good price, so I was, at the time not concerned about CI wings. But, I saw Mike...
  5. DanR

    12 gauge 100' extension cord at Costco for $40

    I was shocked at the price for heavy extension cords yesterday and happened to be in Costco this morning. They have a 100' 12 gauge cord for $40.
  6. Joe Scharle

    Miter slots extension table

    A tip in PWW got me to make something I wanted for a long time. My Shopsmith has a small one that's almost a necessity on the small table. Some changes include both tracks. That's a 16" wide board shown here. View image in gallery Shown here using a miter gage. Easing the corners makes it...
  7. S

    Midi lathe bed extension

    :help:I have recently bought a new, old stock 46-250 Delta midi lathe. Now I find the bed extension , 46-855 has been discontinued. The 46-463 appears to be the same. Does anybody know if it will fit the 250?
  8. B

    Table extension for bandsaw.

    I recently bought a "HD special" bandsaw. Definitely nothing fancy but seems to work ok after bit of tweaking. Just got a resaw fence for it but I need to come up with a table extension that can be easily removed and set up. Shop space is limited (wife refuses to park the car outside and leave...
  9. W

    Anybody need a Maple Extension Table

    Well ,I finally sold my X-5 Cabinet saw and it had a maple butcher block extension table.I sold the saw without it and now have to sell it.My new saw is much wider front to back so It won't work.The Maple table is 27" deep by 54.5" wide by 1.75' thick. You could rebuild car engines on this...
  10. S

    Jet Table Saw Extension - $25 (Cary-Apex-Holy Springs)

    not mine http://raleigh.craigslist.org/tls/2221649960.html Jet Table Saw Extension - $25 (Cary-Apex-Holy Springs) Date: 2011-02-18, 2:36PM EST Reply to: sale-sxmwt-2221649960@craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?] 27" x 36" laminated table saw extensions. They are made for the...
  11. A

    Unisaw Blade guard and extension table

    The uniguard mounting bracket will not mount with the extension table attached on a 1984 unisaw. Has anyone else run into this problem? Also what is a good link that will give me all sorts of information on the Unisaw. I did not get a book with it
  12. BKind2Anmls

    Full Extension Drawer Slides

    http://wwhardware.com/catalog.cfm?GroupID=Cabinet%20Drawer%20Slides&CatID=Drawer%20Slides%2C%20Full%20Extension%20Ball%20Bearing&SubCatID=Economy%20Full%20Extension Woodworker's Hardware has a great sale on full-extension drawer slides and the review are very good as well, even though these are...
  13. F

    Delta midi+extension bed at Raleigh re-store

    Was in the Raleigh re-store earlier today, they have a delta midi lathe and extension bed; plus a Crown and a Woodriver(pinnacle?-- sorry don't remember) chisels for $450. Didn't see the spur center or the tail center. Don't know how the price is, just a FYI. Pinwu
  14. NCTurner

    Delta Midi with Extension RAL

    Delta Lathe - $275 (North Raleigh) http://raleigh.craigslist.org/tls/2030712217.htmlDate: 2010-10-28, 4:06PM EDT Reply to: sale-dezvq-2030712217@craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?] Delta Lathe with table-stand. Location: North Raleigh it's NOT ok to contact this poster with...
  15. oldhippie1951

    Table Saw router extension dimensions

    Could some of you let me know what to watch out for when locating my slots please? Extension dimensions are going to be 27" x 16". I'm thinking of eliminating the T-Track next to the Miter Track because I bought a Miter Slot Hardware Kit. They work on the cast iron table so they should work in...
  16. oldhippie1951

    Craftsman Table Saw Extension

    This may be a stupid question but I need some post before I can post a request for parts in the FOR SALE forum anyway. I picked up an older Craftsman table saw that's missing a few parts. I'm going to make my table extensions out of wood. eBay wants WAY too much for them! The User Manual shows...
  17. kooshball

    Wire type for 240v extension cord or new, longer plug assembly

    What wire designation do I need to either make an extension cord for a 240v 20a circuit or make up a new, longer cord? I will only be extending 12' for a total of 18' of cord so 12ga should be fine but I would rather go to 10ga. Is there a designation to tell me that a certain cable is...
  18. kooshball

    12 gauge in-wall 20a wire vs. 12 gauge extension cord on 20a circuit?

    Is there going to be a difference in performance of a tool drawing 15amps (dust collector) if I plug a good quality 12ga extension cord into a 20a outlet vs. running another outlet closer to where I want the tool? Obviously there is a safety risk with a cord laying on the floor but this is...
  19. D

    Bench dog ProMAX extension table

    Anyone happen to have a Bench dog extension table? I am looking for a router extension table for my Proshop TS and the ProMax table looks pretty nice. It can be fitted with with either a Bench Dog Prolift insert or I could go with lifts from Jessem or Woodpeckers. The only other extension...
  20. R

    Delta lathe LA 200 bed extension

    Hello All; Does anyone know where I might be able to find a bed extension for my Delta Model LA 200 midi - lathe? Thanks in advance; John

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