1. Stuart Kent

    Hardwoods for sale - many species

    the North Carolina Furniture School officially reopened in our new location in Ayden, near Greenville, NC. We have the following lumber in stock, come see us! All lumber Select Grade or better, rough sawn, random width with wide boards up to 20" available. Prices are in board feet. All sales...
  2. Stuart Kent

    Lumber for Sale Eastern NC

    Hello all, I have about 10,000 BF of exotics for sale. My shop is in Ayden, near Greenville if you want to come peruse. I have to meet by appointment right now because I have a lot of work going on, but please give me a call if your interested. I have some beautiful wide boards in the piles, and...
  3. B

    Where to buy spindle turning blanks

    Hello, I wanted to get some opinions on places (local or online) to buy domestic/exotic kiln-dried spindle blanks. I have bought quite a few from the Raleigh Woodcraft, almost all fully encased in wax and most with MC above 20%. I am wanting to find a place that sells blanks that are already...
  4. Ma Deuce in exotic wood mix

    Ma Deuce in exotic wood mix

    Ma Deuce, 1:3 scale, maple, Indian Laurel, Kingwood, Mora, Purpleheart, walnut, cocobolo.
  5. Ma Deuce in exotic wood mix

    Ma Deuce in exotic wood mix

    Ma Deuce, 1:3 scale, maple, Indian Laurel, Kingwood, Mora, Purpleheart, walnut, cocobolo. Close-view of traversing & elevating mechanism.
  6. johnpipe108

    M2HB and M3 tripod in exotic woods!

    I have recently been given a small piece of African Wenge, and sliced it up into a few thin slabs. I got the inspiration to make up an M2HB model in exotic woods, with Wenge for the sideplates. It is a work in progress, with many fiddly little details in the completion, but I've made some...
  7. D

    exotic toothpick holders

    These were made as gifts, but had to keep one for myself. The Madrone burl was probably the hardest to make, as I made it on my old lathe and drilled out the center on my drill press. The wood got so hot that I could only drill about 5 sec., then let it cool for 3 or 4 minutes. It took most...
  8. MrAudio815

    Thanks For the Exotic Scraps~!

    Hey All, Just wanted to say thank you to those who sent me some of their Exotic Scraps~! It is greatly Appreciated~! :eusa_danc :notworthy: :eusa_danc Here is a picture of what I received from CDpeters (Chris) approximately 3/4" x 1/4" x 6" for the long pieces. YES~! :icon_thum...
  9. MrAudio815

    Exotic Scraps needed

    Hey all, I'm looking for smallish scraps from 1/4" sqaure by 12" long of various exotic hardwoods that are colorful (looking for Purpleheart, Yellowheart, Bloodwood, Padauk, etc.). This is for Jewelry for the LOML, and family gifts. I can also use scroll saw scraps, 1/16" x 1/4" x 12"....1" x...
  10. kernnal

    Exotic Woods

    Hey all, I am trying to get myself involved with some intarsia projects. However, I'm running into a slight problem. Does anyone know of anywhere in eastern NC (I'm in New Bern) that I can find any species of exotic woods? Any assistance is greatly appreciated. -E
  11. blbradford

    Where's your favorite NC exotic wood store?

    Hello- I am very new:embaresse to the forum and this is my first post. I am planning my next projects and need some curly maple for one project which are some rather large picture frames. The next project is some long bar tops that I would like to make with some highly figured hardwood slab...
  12. Kyle

    Exotic Wood for sale

    Hello All.. In attempt to expand my offering to locals and others across the state I am offering the following EXOTIC woods at a substantial discount. Much of this material will have minor surface checking or a mild split and it all planes out SUPER. I am pre-ordering to sellat these prices...
  13. M

    Exotic Wood order Wenge and many others... Need WENGE? or other? Cary NC 27519

    I am going to order 200Bf of Wenge from a importer. Price, which includes shipping to my address and also tax, is $11.75 for 4/4 and $12.00 for 8/4 a Bf. That is KD, FAS, 6" and wider and 6' and longer. If you want any Wenge just ask and I can piggy back you some. I would need a down payment...
  14. taandctran

    best place to buy exotic woods????

    I was woundering where the best place to buy exoctic woods were.... I only need small boards.. (18"x 6" x 1") or around that size, boards that size late me forever. I currently buy them on ebay but after shipping a $4 board cost $10. I am looking for a local place to buy just small amounts...

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