1. S

    eCabinets Systems Lighting effects

    Hello every one. This is my latest video where I share with you some tips that I have learned on how to use lighting effects in eCabinets custom layout. Be sure to check it out and let me know what you think. Thanks Scott Marshburn
  2. S

    Quick Tip for half shelves in eCabinets

    Do you use half shelves in your cabinets? Well here is a great tip that you can use in eCabinets to make the front inset adjust automatically every time you change the depth.
  3. John Reeves

    Thermwood and E-Cabinets

    At the IWS I spent some time talking with these folks. They seems to have a pretty interesting business plan. They give the software to potential cabinet makers and line the owners of their CNC router up with the cabinet makers. The software produces everything from a kitchen layout for...

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