1. PChristy

    dry kiln from an old dishwasher?

    I need to dry some small pieces of spalted maple and my daughter has an old dishwasher - is there away I can use this dishwasher to make a kiln?
  2. RandyJ

    Need 30 bdft of 4/4 dry Hard Maple

    I am in need of about 30 bdft of reasonably priced Hard Maple for a upcoming project. It needs to be dried and as clear as possible. Short lengths (6ft) are ok. I would like to pick it up asap. Shoot me a PM with price if you can help. Thanks in advance for any assistance:icon_thum
  3. Larry Rose

    Wip dry fit

    I've been working on this Hepplewhite style dressing table for a few weeks now and finally got to the dry fit stage. I saw one in an antique store last year and was able to get a couple of very poor pics and a few measurements before the store owner started giving me the evil eye. I quess I...
  4. Diamond circular saw blade - Wet/Dry

    Diamond circular saw blade - Wet/Dry

    Diamond circular saw blade - Wet/Dry
  5. CrealBilly

    Mills Custom Sawing Final Kiln Dry Lumber Run

    Scott Smith, called me tonight to remind me I have a little over 500 Board Foot of 4/4 Quarter Sawn Red Oak out at his place. I sawed this Red Oak last winter form a few nice butt logs before I took my saw mill to my father in law in southern Illinois. I vaguely remember taking the lumber to...
  6. Larry Rose

    Wip dry fit

    View image in gallery I've been working on this mahogany coffee table for SWMBO for much too long now. I've obviously got a lot of sanding and fitting left before the finishing room View image in gallery
  7. Mission tables, red oak, dry fit

    Mission tables, red oak, dry fit

    Mission tables, red oak, dry fit
  8. Tarhead

    It's DRY!

    My humidistat says 24% inside and looking at the ffffffforcast it's heading down over the next few days! Seeing lots of openings in my hardwood floors and antiques. Also...You acoustic guitar and wooden stringed instrument folks need to give your precious babies some humidity. Keep those...
  9. P10101891


    Vacuum System Dry Fit
  10. P10101882


    Vacuum System Dry Fit
  11. P10101871


    Vacuum System Dry Fit
  12. Tar Heel

    The inks not dry yet dry...

    on the financial post and the nitpicking has already started. It doesn't surprise me that Alan was the first to do it. I don't think it is necessary to explain every line in detail and suggest that we not get sucked into doing it. I am a firm believer that, if we encourage donations from the...
  13. PChristy

    Dry Wall mud

    Does anyone know if you can patch the old plaster with dry wall mud? We are working on an old house where the paint has peeled off of the walls and the plaster has cracked in alot of places - what is the best way to patch this
  14. rcflyer23

    Cedar Dry then Resaw or Resaw and Dry

    I just found out I am going to get probably close to 4 trees worth of Cedar from my inlaws yard they just cut them down. I don't know if he has sealed it yet or not but I will get that taken care of. My question is should I have it resawn and then let it dry or just let it dry in log form. I...
  15. Bas

    When is lumber dry enough to move inside?

    Google resulted in 39,300 hits, so let me just ask the experts here: I've been air drying some 4/4 walnut for the last 6 months. Moisture content is down to 15%-17% (thanks Wayne for lending me the moisture meter...). Is that dry enough to bring inside :dontknow:, or should I wait until it...
  16. Matt Schnurbusch

    Dry time for mineral spirits?

    Hopefully someone see this soon... I am ready to stain DAS BOOTH!!! I just wiped the whole thing down with MS and I know I need to let it flash off, but how long should I wait? I am using General Finishes Gel Stain if that makes a difference. Matt
  17. Larry Rose

    Cypress Bench Dry Fit WIP

    This is the result of my last few days in the shop. Now I got to take it apart and start sanding. I will use a marine grade varnish to finish . It goes to the local Garden Club for thier fund raising auction. More when finished.
  18. jonnyfontaine

    green wood, cut now or wait till dry

    i have bought some green wood, not sure of the exact MC, but i am eventually planning on resawing the 1" thick board into a bookmatched set 3/8" thick... should i wait for the wood to season or should i resaw the wood and then sticker it to dry before use... i figure it would dry faster as...
  19. M

    How dry is dry?

    I've got a good bit of red oak, cedar, walnut and some maple that was taken down on our property. I had it sawed into 4/4, 5/4, 6/4 and a couple of 3" oak slabs. (and a couple big slabs of cedar) I stickered it and let it air dry in what was to become my recording studio for about a year. A...
  20. J

    Corner cupboard--door #2 dry fitted

    Another hour in the shop means a chance to trim panel #2 and dry fit it in the door. The LN #62 plane did a masterful job at raising the panel and also trimming all the sides to fit. Now both doors are dry fitted. Here is the money shot of them in place. Next job is to put finish on the...

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