1. C

    Cabinet Door Corner Joint>> Mortise and Tenon???

    Cabinet door with .75 panel>>> 1st Question Would kind of corner joint would you recommend? 2nd Quesiton What Mortising machine would you recommend or have?
  2. Canuck

    Door Clearance Fix????

    Well.... Here we go again! I think that I bit off more than I can chew tryin' to build a DT jig storage box. Of course I just had to use inspiration from Monty and DaveO. I should have known that I am too much of a newbie to try and build something designed by those two excellent...
  3. L

    measurements of door front stile and rails to cabinet

    Would like an opinion on measurements for stiles and rails when making paneled kitchen cabinets. My ff on the cabinet will be 2". Would you ever see them FF more than 2" or the door panels more than 2"? Lorraine
  4. F

    Need advise for a door

    Lilly's room needs a door. I thought about slating a door so it would match the rest, but I also have some plexiglass and thought she might like being able to see out. Leigh thinks I should drill some holes in Lilly's room for ventilation and so she can see out. I dont think it needs holes...
  5. A

    Door catch??

    Need some ideas for cabinet door catches for my flush inset doors. If possible I want something low profile that minimally protrudes into the opening. I've read that rare earth magnets set in the adjacent edges of the door and stile work. Input please, gentlemen.
  6. A

    A & C window and door casing and trim

    Anyone have a good link to pics of Arts and Crafts style window and door casing and other trim? I did a Google search and did not come up with any detailed, closeup pics or cross sectional diagrams. If I were to design the casing myself I might do a built-up system something like this: For...
  7. A

    Door is done- time for the next project *Pics*

    Yesterday I did the yard work (grass pickup is on Friday) and finished the shop door- last coat of wipe-on poly over "Aged Oak" stain, then cleaned and installed the glass and installed the back side grid: So now gonna move boxes and other trash to the other side of the shop; it's finally...
  8. A

    I hear ya knockin' *Yup, more door pics*

    Well I got a lot done on the door over- I finished the back side muntin grid. This grid is removable so I can remove the glass. The grid holds the glass in place and the grid is held in place with 4 SS oval head screws counter sunk slightly into the inside edge of the grid and screwed into the...
  9. A

    Door jamb questions???

    No work done on the shop door yet today but just picked up the laminated safety glass. Its time to start thinking about the jamb. A couple of questions for you guys that have made/make your own jambs (if there is anyone who does this in this day and age of prehung doors :-)): 1. I will be...
  10. A

    Shop door construction *Update* *new pic*

    I'm working on my shop door (34" X 80" X 1 3/8" thick* interior door)- raised panels lower section, divided light upper section, solid oak stiles, rails, and panels. The stiles and rails are cut and profiled. I didn't have a big door bit set, but by removing the slot cutter from a rail bit I was...
  11. A

    Shop door started (clamp garden) *pics*

    I did some planing today and almost over filled the bag on my cyclone but caught it before the chips backed up into the filters. Once the first planing was done I started gluing up parts for my shop door. This door will be at the top of the stairs that lead up from the kitchen. It will have a RP...
  12. D

    WTB stained/leaded glass mahogany door

    Anyone have any recommendations on where to buy (or have made) real stained glass inserts for skeleton door frames or know a company near Raleigh that would make the complete door with the insert? I need a 2-8 x 6-8 interior door preferrably out of mahogany with a full stained glass insert...
  13. peteb301

    Freud 97-106 Door making set

    Purchased this set and am having difficulty using the raised panel with backcutter. This set is in the original wooden box and the illustrations in the box show the profiles for use with 3/4 in. lumber. I have attempted to use the backcutter with 3/4 lumber and can not get the profile as...
  14. G

    shop door

    My standard exterior door on my shop (garage) is nearing extinction strength wise and I would like to make one similar to the one I saw yesterday at the boat shop in Beaufort. What kind of material (wood, locally available I hope) would you use for keeping out the bad guys? Harry
  15. J

    Raleigh area: cabinet door euro hinge difficulties

    Hi All, I have a cabinet door that has two sets of euro hinge indentations. Unfortunately, one set of holes match the location of a shelf. I need to drill/make/fashion a new set of holes. In the North Raleigh area, is someone versed in euro-hinge holes? Any advice/assistance is...
  16. M

    Need Advice for Routing Raied Door Panels

    I am looking for some advice on routing raised panels. I just picked up my first raised panel bit and I have to admit, I am a little intimidated after trying a piece of scrap. I routed across the end of a board and it did not feel safe. I then tried to make several passes raising the bit a...
  17. hpetty

    Router Table Door Material

    Okay I won't confess exactly why I need to use something for the door to my new router table other than the sheet of plexiglass I bought for it. But it has something to do with DL Ames' signature line. Anyway... before I went out and bought another sheet of plexi I wondered why most every...
  18. B

    custom door

    I'm looking for someone who builds custom residential doors in the western Wake Co./Chatham Co/Orange Co area. Standard size, just want something a bit different. Thanks!
  19. C

    A door for my clock

    Question time again...... I am nearly finished with the woodworking part of my mantle clock. The last piece I need to make is the door. Please take the time to look at the larger image of this clock by clicking here, then clicking on the image of the clock. Notice the router work on the...

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