1. DanR

    14" Rigid band saw at Direct Tools (Mebane) for $260 today

    Direct Tools has a $75 off on $220 that ends today. The Rigid 14" is on sale for $320, minus $75 = $265 with tax. If you have the Groupon, it ends up costing only $220 (including the $30 cost of the Groupon). I know it is an import, but from what I have read it is good after: - adding a...
  2. ebarr

    Direct Tool Rigid Sander

    So since I was off today I wanted to cash in my $70 groupon. So off to Tanger Outlet and Direct Tool to see if they by chance had the Rigid Sander. Sold Out:BangHead::BangHead: Manager lady said she sold them all at the Woodturner event in Greensboro a few weeks ago. I knew I should have...
  3. cyclopentadiene

    Groupon at Direct Tools (Mebane) $30 worth $70

    A few hours left, todays groupon deal is a $70 groupon for $30 at Direct Tools in Mebane. This is good until April 2012 and appears to have no limits on use with sales etc.
  4. Bugle

    Direct Tools Sale

    Took a trip to Mebane today with the LOML and perused all the clothing stores, kitchen stores, shoe stores, and candle stores before we got to Direct Tools. Turns out they were having a pretty good sale and since the little woman was feeling a little guilty about me carrying around all her...
  5. Bugle

    Direct Tools Sale

    I received an email from Direct Tools (in the Tanger Outlet Mall in Mebane) with a 25% off coupon for all outdoor tools. The coupon is good from 2/14/11 - 2/17/11. It is in pdf format, and I can't figure out how to load it on here. If someone can tell me how to load it up on the site, I...
  6. Bugle

    Direct Tools?

    Anyone know anything about the Direct Tools store in the Mebane Outlet mall? Just found out I'm taking a trip over there with the wifey tomorrow.:BangHead: Might as well check it out...better than watching her look for clothes she never buys:dontknow:
  7. N

    *UPDATE* Store Closing & Now 25% off at Direct Tools in Concord Mills

    *UPDATE* No longer have these pin nailers available and just found out that the Concord Mills Location will be closing their doors on November 28th. What you see is what you get left in the store. Discount has been bumped to 25% off entire purchase. As of last night they still had air...
  8. Tar Heel

    Direct Tool Store -Mebane Tanger Outlet

    Yesterday the new Tanger Outlet opened. My wife won a $1,000 Tanger gift card (gloat) from radio station WCHL contest, so I accompanied her to carry her packages. There is a Direct Tool store there that was interesting. Most, if not all, of the merchadise were factory reconditioned with a 1 yr...
  9. Tarhead

    Rebuilt Rigid OSS/Osc. Belt Sander at Direct Tools Factory Outlet Concord Mills

    They have 1 in stock for $139. Better run.
  10. N

    Factory Tools Direct Sale -Concord

    I just received this in my email: They carry Ridgid - Ryobi - Milwaukee - etc... They got some nice stuff and are building on their accessories. (1 yr warr. on recon. stuff) Picked up the 5" VS ROS for $34 the other...

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