1. D

    Bill Pence Fan & 2 hp motor For Sale

    Have you been thinking of a dust collection system for your shop? Are you concerned about breathing small micron particles into your lungs? Maybe 20 years ago I was working up my shop and found Bill Pence's work on cyclone collectors. At that time he had worked with a fabricator to make a...
  2. Fingerpicker

    Cyclone Dust Collection design

    Hi all, I have noticed several posts about dust collection asking about system design, cfm requirements, duct size, etc. If any of you want to know more about this topic, I very highly recommend that you spend some time reading Bill Pentz's research on the topic at his website...
  3. TENdriver

    Pretty Darn Smart! - dust cyclone

    Maybe I am too easily impressed, but this is one of the cleanest and cleverest designs I ‘ve seen for combining a Ridgid shop vac with their Ridgid Dustopper Cyclone. I happen to have a spare 16-gallon Ridgid vacuum that just may be a candidate for this build...
  4. TENdriver

    DIY Dust Deputy - finally!

    I purchased a Deluxe Dust Deputy (actually, I think it was through an Oneida ad on NCWW) a couple years ago and I really liked it. So I decided to get a second one to use in a separate area, but I thought I would try using the DIY Dust Deputy that is less expensive and only includes the...
  5. TENdriver

    Specialized Gasket materials

    I assembled a basic Dust Deputy onto my own bucket but the gasket material isn’t working with the plastic lid and base of the Dust Deputy cyclone. I used a 6” x 6” pure red rubber gasket that is used by plumbers. The rubber isn’t as soft as the gasket that Dust Deputy provides with their...
  6. Rushton

    Suggestions to improve my ductwork layout?

    I've posted this on the Clear Vue Cyclone Forum and know we have some members who visit there, but I thought I'd post here because of all the good discussions from members here. I've received my CV1800 (with 16 inch impeller) and am now designing the ductwork layout. I'd appreciate any...
  7. Rushton

    Clear Vue Cyclone Black Friday Bundle is Back

    For those with an interest, the Clear Vue Cyclone Black Friday Bundle Special is available once again. This Bundle includes the upgraded 16" impeller and impeller housing, Wynn Environmental filters, electrical switch, bin full sensor and free shipping. Cathy was superb in helping me get my...
  8. MrAudio815

    Dust collection

    It's been a while, how's everyone been? I just bought a Baileigh 3hp cyclone it has 2111 CFM & an 8" inlet. I'd like to run 8" ducting close to all my machines, then split off to 4" for connecting to machines. Hoping to maximize airflow. Anyone find 8" PVC pipe? Or what would you...
  9. Onieda_DC


  10. T

    6" & 4" spiral pipe and fittings

    I am looking for approximately 60-80' of 6" spiral pipe and approximately 40' of 4" spiral pipe to help finish assembling my dust collection system. In addition, I will need 6x6x4" lateral y's. If you know of anyone that has some of these products would you please send them my way via email...
  11. roweathers

    Looking to purchase used 3hp cyclone dust collector

    I have a delta 1.5 hp collector, but looking to obtain a bigger cyclone. Please let me know if you know of a good deal on a used system. Also interested in metal ducting. Thanks, Ron
  12. Wolfpacker

    Cyclone Separators for Dust Collector & Shop Vacuum

    Came across these while looking for something else and was wondering if those of you in the know about dust collection could advise if either of these items would be worth considering.
  13. J

    Dual Purpose Post - WIP and Dust Collector vs Cyclone Attachment

    So, I have two goals with this post. 1. I've been working on a walnut toy box. This is my first project using rough lumber. Pictures below: Rough cut from Saw4you: Squared Stock Dry Fit of the front face - first raised panel project 2. During this project, I managed to create a giant...
  14. zapdafish

    am I missing any cyclone makers

    I am trying to upgrade my dust collector and the two models I want are not in stock. One is no ETA and the other is December. This is a list of the companies I looked at, am I missing any? Clearview - no wheeled units Oneida - CFM/$ compared to others is high Jds * - 2hp cyclone, early...
  15. tkpinsc

    looks like a good dwal on a cyclone system not mine
  16. tkpinsc

    craigslist cyclone for $200

    Not mine, but If I was looking for a system it would be.
  17. HP 2HP DC with 35A cartridge filter

    HP 2HP DC with 35A cartridge filter

    Gloat.. Next step: making a new Thein cyclone lid for the garbage can with 4 inch piping to attach to the DC.
  18. B

    5 HP Cyclone on Charlotte CL

    Not mine... Dust Collector for the ultimate home workshop - $450 (Matthews, NC) Date: 2011-05-11, 11:59AM EDT Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] The ultimate home workshop Dust Collector...
  19. Cyclone DC installation

    Cyclone DC installation

  20. Cyclone DC installation

    Cyclone DC installation

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