1. IMG_06732


    computer desk
  2. IMG_06712


    white oak computer desk
  3. WoodWrangler

    Kids Computer Desk - Done

    Well, woodworking around my place is about non-existent as of the last year ... but a few things have made their way out ... This weekend, wrapped up a kids computer desk and got some finish on it. Nothing fancy, but much needed (and wanted by the kids). It is all built with mortise/tenon...
  4. scsmith42

    Any local computer guys want to do a trade?

    I have a Dell desktop PC that needs to have two Linksys wireless camera's provisioned to it. It will need a wireless Linksys card added as well (I have the card and software, and the camera's). The system is up to date on the OS patches (Windows XP). I started to provision the camera's myself...
  5. sawduster

    computer cleansing

    not sure where to ask this so mods please move or delete as neccessary i have seen many references in various threads to backing up your computer and re-installing the operating system to improve performance . Is this something that is do-able for a slightly-better-than-basic user like myself...
  6. Computer Desk

    Computer Desk

    Computer desk
  7. scsmith42

    my computer is down...

    I'll have reduced time on NCWW until I fix it. Someone from Russia managed to hack into it and disable it's network connectivity... They managed to get past the latest version of Norton too, althouth it ultimately discovered them. An expression of my thoughts regarding this would be a...
  8. Mark Stewart

    plans for a computer desk

    I was wondering if anyone had plans for a computer desk (right handed) laying around that I might borrow. Thanks Mark
  9. PChristy

    Computer help please

    :eusa_prayI was in a Facebook page and all of a sudden my PC shut down the internet and it told me that I had over 32 "trojans" in my computer and I needed to download "Personal Security" it looked like it was from "Windows" and it took me by surprise. So it is downloaded now - bad mistake I do...
  10. CatButler

    Electrolysis with a computer power supply (ATX)

    This weekend I tried electrolysis using an ATX computer power supply. I don't have a battery charger, but computer power supplies can put out 12V with 15+amps, and 5V with even more, so I thought that would even be a better substitute. I was digging around the junk pile at work looking for a...
  11. froglips

    Personal Computer hardware issue

    Grumble Grumble Grumble..... Power supply is now a no-power supply. This is coming from my 11 year old desktop (yes, antique tools, antique computers....) Hope to have it replaced tomorrow, but I might not be quite as, uhm, helpful till then....... Jim
  12. PChristy

    Any of you computer guys need one of these
  13. Computer medic

    Computer medic

    Emblem for computer repair business
  14. Tar Heel

    OK you computer gurus, we need some help here

    Several months ago we had a problem in that everytime we clicked on the back button after reading a post it would go back but go to the bottom of the page. You then had to scroll up to decide what post you next wanted to read. VERY frustrating. Within the last couple of days it has started...
  15. Computer Desk & craft area with storage

    Computer Desk & craft area with storage

    I drew this up for our spare room. I wanted a larger computer space and my wife always is doing crafts. Will provide a much needed space and lot's more storage than out Computer hutch.
  16. gator

    Something Different? or My Computer?

    Was: When I logged on I would click on "New Posts". I could read any thread and when I hit the 'Back' button went back to the same list of posts that were there when I first logged on and went to 'New Posts' (including the thread I had just read). Now: When I log on and click on "New Posts"...
  17. M

    [How Do I-Other] computer stupid

    Yes I am computer stupid , I need help in trying to e-mail. a member irt a table he built maybe I can borrow Dave O's 5 year old to show me how , any help will be appreaciated :kermit:
  18. T

    Assistance with computer stuff, and such...

    Afternoon all, I have been meaning to throw this offer out there for sometime now, but seems time is always so short...Anyhow, now that I have a chance to catch my breath... I do quite a bit of IT stuff, been at it for a very long time.. Currently working as an IT Manager out at NCSU.. So, if...
  19. R

    Used computer sought for TWA...

    I am currently looking for a used computer to house the Triangle Woodworker's Association membership system and was hoping someone around here might have one they would care to donate to the club. TWA is a charitable organization and I can provide a receipt upon request. The requirements are...
  20. Larry Rose

    [How Do I-Other] Computer dummy question

    Theres been a lot of discussion lately about posting pics. Being computer illiterate, I have to do it I'm sure the wrong or hard way. My question is I have Kodak Easyshare in my system. Can I upload directly to the thread and bypass the Gallery?

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